2021 Father's Day eReader Gift Guide and BOOX Shop Special Offer

While May comes to its end, Father’s Day is approaching. And it’s the best time to send an eReader as a gift to the bookworm dad. 

Among all the eReaders, Kindle, Kobo and Nook are brands that are often mentioned. But they are all tied with their ecosystem and offer limited flexibility. Compared to them, Onyx BOOX with an open Android system is an excellent gift option for the tech-savvy dads who like reading books and want to relieve eye strain. 

For the 2021 Father's Day, we highly recommend the following BOOX E Ink tablets as the gift to dearest fathers:

  • Max Lumi: Best 13.3'' E Ink tablet to the best dad
  • Note3: A versatile digital writing tablet is a perfect gift
  • Note Air: The eReader with a cool design and g-sensor
  • Nova3 Color: Make father's day colorful and delightful
  • Nova3: An excellent travel pal with stylus

Want to know why we specially recommend them? Check out this post to learn more!

Also, the good news is the official BOOX Shop is offering a special promo with PayPal on 1-20 June. The Max Lumi, Note3, and Nova3 Color will get 5% off if they’re paid with PayPal. And the Note Air and Nova3 will get a huge $20 price drop with available payment methods.



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