6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color

leido, has developed so fast since its release last year. The latest Kaleido version, Kaleido Plus, has already met the market with the debut of BOOX Nova3 Color and only available to 7.8inch devices this year.

Many users wonder if they should buy the color E Ink device Nova3 Color, or whether color E Ink devices are suitable for them. This article shows you what you should know about before purchasing the color E Ink reader Nova3 Color. You can read the full post here.


6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color:
#1 Nova3 Color Is Different from LED/LCD Tablets
#2 It’s A Highly Customizable Device
#3 Some Android Apps Aren’t Optimized for E Ink Screen
#4 Colors Are Soft and Relaxing
#5 Monocolor Front Light Is Eye-friendly
#6 It's Made for An Eye-friendly, Colorful Experience


If you’re ready to experience this 7.8’’ color E Ink tablet to get an eye-friendly, colorful experience for reading and note-taking, you can order it at BOOX Shop here.




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