7 Reasons that Customers Choose Boox Note Air

Customers leave their reviews in our Note Air page at the BOOX shop to share why they would choose this 10.3inch E Ink tablet and how much they like it.

Here's the summary of the 7 reasons that people love BOOX Note Air:
#1: Ergonomic and Modern Design
#2: Built Quality and Solid Structure
#3: Convenient Use with Gravity Sensor
#4: Various Features for Productivity
#5: System Flexibility and Openness
#6: Alternative to Conventional Tablets and Paper
#7: Magnetic BOOX Pen Made for Note Air

You can check out this post at our official blog to learn more about what the users love about Note Air or jump to the product page to read their full reviews.


BOOX offers Christmas Sale from Nov 20 to Dec 31. You can get free accessories and save $15 on the $479.99 Note Airwith the code BOOX300If you order the Note Air+Triangular Stylus Bundle, you can save $22.99 on the stylus and save an additional $25 with the code BOOX500

Buying the Note Air during the sale, you’ll get the chance of winning a $239.99 coupon!

If you’re considering buying a 10.3inch E Ink writing tablet / eReader / note-taker, you cannot miss the good deal of BOOX Note Air.


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