Best eBook Readers for ePub, Mobi, Awz3 and More Reflowable Formats

here’re many ways to read ebooks on the trip, commute, home, and offices, such as reader apps for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. But the best way to read ebooks always remains with an ebook reader.

Ebook readers use an E Ink screen that doesn’t emit light like LED and LCD screens on your smartphones and computers.

They’re power-efficient, eye-friendly with high contrast and low reflectiveness even in the sunlight. So you can enjoy your favorite stories wherever you are. 

Here're the three best BOOX eReaders for ePub, Mobi, Awz3 and more reflowable formats: Note Air, Nova3 Color and Nova3. They are available at BOOX Shop and offer a huge discount on 1-20 June

Check out this article to see why they're the best for your ebooks. 

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