BOOX 2.2.2 Firmware Update Is Available Now

Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. We are so grateful that eventually we have done the development for BOOX firmware 2.2.2, and we are ready to share with all BOOX users this great update.

You may probably find that the updates have been released first for BOOX Max3 and Note2, which adopts Android 9.0 OS. And later it also works for other models with Android 6.0 OS. We have to respectively roll out the updates for these two kinds of models because some specific features require a higher Android version. Therefore, so far the split view feature is temporarily not available for Android 6.0 OS. This situation will change after Android 9.0 update.

First of all, we appreciate all the BOOX users from our closed beta testing group. Their assistance was invaluable in helping us get everything done in a very timely manner. The new version is basically released to fix minor bugs in last firmware, but also, there are some new useful features that help to improve user experience.

Here are the details you may concern:

1. Allow scribbles on flow documents

Flow documents are designed to optimize viewing and readability. Rather than being set to one predefined layout, flow documents dynamically adjust and reflow their content based on run-time variables such as window size, device resolution, and optional user preferences.

On this account, the flow documents did not support scribbles or reflow after scribbles. But now with this update, users can write on almost all ebook formats, even on comic books and manga formats. DJVU, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC, CBZ, CBR, FB2, CHM are included.

2. Revert the toolbar back to the left side

In version 2.2.1, we tried to move one of the toolbars from left to the top but apparently it’s not a good idea. Many users complained that the toolbar blocked part of the note created before. Now we have reverted it back to the downside. This update taught us a lesson that we should always think carefully before making a decision.

3. Enhanced NaviBall

We got a lot of positive comments since the NaviBall was born. It is designed to simplify the operations on E Ink display. Sometimes users may need to make a quick full refresh, switch among apps, or optimize app effect on E Ink display. We attempt to encourage users to use NaviBall more often. We have added more options to it, made it enabled at startup by default, and fixed some related bugs.

To learn more minor bug fixes, please refer to the changelog here.

Please note that models with Android 6.0 OS do not have the split view feature, ignore the related changes.

If you find any serious bug or have any good advice for the firmware features, please submit the feedback via Settings >> Feedback on your device. Thank you.

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