BOOX Firmware 2.2.2 Changelog

New features:

1. Allow scribbles for flow documents. The pages with scribbles can be exported from TOC (do not support embedding scribbles to original flow documents).

2. Support full-page translation, which can be activated via Menu — Split View — Page Translation.

3. Now PDFs also allow scribbles after reflow.

4. PDFs auto-fits the display width in landscape mode.

5. Flow documents support highlight across pages (PDFs do not support).

6. Added a zoom function (maximum zoom level: 16x) to the Note app, and adjusted the tool placement.

7. Added a language option on the AI interface.

8. Optimized the brush latency for gray colors.

9. Long-pressing on app icons for optimization is back now.

10. Added a language option on the handwriting keyboard interface, adjusted the placement for speech input.

11. Optimized the speech recognition interface, and add punctuation input.

12. The system contrast can be set individually on the drop-down menu.

Bug fixes:

13. Fixed issues related to the Wi-Fi connection.

14. Fixed an issue of shortcut key for front lights (long-press the back button to turn on/off front lights).

15. Fixed an issue where notes were not saved after devices auto-sleep.

16. Fixed an issue of repeated annotation to the same phrase.

17. Fixed an issue where devices disconnected with Bluetooth page-turners after auto sleep. Now they keep connected.

18. Removed the 20 character limit for file names. Now it supports 225 characters.

19. The NaviBall will not force-enabled after reboot.

20. Fixed the file sort issue in the file manager;

21. Fixed the highlighted text was not shown in the thumbnail in TOC-scribble.

22. Fixed some translation related to the split view.

23. Fixed some copy issues related to textbox in the Note app.

24. Fixed a page-flipping issue for the Kindle app.

25. Fixed a page-flipping issue of the Naviball for third-party apps.

26. Fixed issues related to the X mode switch.

27. Fixed some other bugs.

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