Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Color eReaders

There're all kinds of color eReader and note-taking devices in the market. Before you buy a color ebook reader, what you should take into account to make a wise purchase decision? We've listed out some factors to help you decide ;)

Nova3 Color with new Kaleido Plus screen

E Ink officially announced the latest Kaleido screen, Kaleido Plus (new Kaleido)  several days ago. Kaleido Plus is only applied on 7.8inch color E Ink tablets, such as BOOX Nova3 Color.

Before you buy a color E Ink device, remember to check out its screen type—if it's the latest Kaleido Plus or just the original Kaleido? The former can perform 3x better color performance!

flush screen on Nova3 Color

A flush screen can render a more comfortable writing and using experience. Also, it protects the ink layer from damage. If you're into a flush-screen design, look into nowhere but Nova3 Color.

install all kinds of apps on Nova3 Color

Open system like Android enables you to install all kinds of third party apps on the color eReaders. If you like using comics apps, such as Webtoon, and news apps, such as Google News, an open system will suit you better.

write and draw on BOOX Nova3 Color

Most people believe that color eReaders are only good at displaying colorful ebooks. But they can offer powerful writing tools. If you're looking for a color E Ink tablet supports writing, you cannot miss out on BOOX Nova3 Color with Wacom layer.

If you want to learn more about color ebook readers and writing tablets, check out the full post in our official blog!

Nova3 Color is available in the BOOX shop with a full set of free accessories. Hurry up while the stock lasts.


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