Firmware 2.1.1 Update: Boox eReaders Are Getting Compact

The year is more than a quarter over, and with the release of the New digital papers Nova Pro and Note Pro with front light, the highly-anticipated firmware 2.1.1 has also been launched, after a couple of months of last update. But what are the surprises in firmware 2.1.1? Let’s see what has been changed with a Note Pro.


(1) New UI

The firmware 2.1.1 is a significant update to Boox users and adds a multitude of new features. First and foremost, there is an outstanding improvement on NeoReader UI. Although the eReaders have substantial advantages such as eyesight protection, portability, and capacity, most people reluctantly accept eReaders since they are not easy-to-use and feasible as iPad. Now, Boox embarks on simplified UI design and easy operation to bring more excellent user experience. Considering the size of Note Pro, if there are too many options on the screen, it looks complicated and annoying. Different from a dozen options in the previous version, there are just five options on the menu bar but most of the functions are still available as before. For reproducing the authentic reading experience, now users do not have to click a “scribble” button to take notes and then go back to turn pages. It allows to directly write on it by a stylus and turn pages by fingers. What’s more, the scribble now can be saved on the original documents and no more note export, which saves those who have to take tons of notes.

(2) Custom Screen Touch

While there are more and more functions on Boox devices, compact design is extremely significant. Apart from the quick writing, there are two new features of shortcuts. The size of Note Pro is 10.3 inches, it is not ideal to show multifarious menu bars or toolbar on it. So here is a shortcut of screen touch in NeoReader. The screen is divided into 9 areas, every area can be customized to a specified function such as turning on front light, turning to next 10 pages and so on. That is to say, users can do anything quickly when they are reading. Simplifying operation and seamless reading experience help decrease distraction.

(3) Navigation Ball

Secondly, there is a feature called Navigation Ball, which is like Assistive Touch of iPhone. With the Navigation Ball, users are able to perform actions like taking a screen capture of Note Pro with just a tap instead. To set the frequently-used apps like Moon+ Reader on this feature makes users could open the app anywhere in a simple way. As for the app optimization, users can view the optimized performance in real time with this function, and do not have to switch between the apps and settings interface like before.

(4) Handwriting Recognition

As seen that another great improvement in writing is the handwriting recognition, which is the ability to receive handwritten input and convert into a digital output. This function is available for English words by default. Other language users can also take this function by downloading up to 56 corresponding language packages. The way of converting is just to tap on one button, the whole page will be done in seconds. With this fascinating function, users can manually take note quickly in a meeting or a class, then have a conversion to typed text and edit it after that. The typed text can be easily shared with your friends or colleagues. After a series of tests on Note Pro, you may find that this function is incredibly impressed. The system has a high accuracy to recognize all the words even we have joined-up writing. Obviously, Boox is going to pursue this function to be perfect, like recognizing more symbols and even math calculation.

Apart from the above changes, there are a variety of minor features added to the device. For instance, there are the color stroke, more optimization options, more note templates, all about the details of a far superior experience.

It is obvious that the firmware 2.1.1 lays a groundwork for simplified operation on both reading and writing, and tries to remove redundant and unexpected operations at the same time. Following firmware 2.1.1 unveiling, the next update will be more promising alongside other models. Large size Boox eReaders with this update will be much-improved as always.

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