Firmware 2.1.2 Update — The New Features You May Miss

If you have a glance on the changelog of the Boox Firmware 2.1.2, you may see the bug fix are here and there. But once if you think this version is just a minor update, surely you have missed something amazing.

It seems that Onyx always likes hiding the new features among tons of bug fixes and let users hunt Easter Eggs. At the time the final version comes out with the surprising new features, go back to read the changelog, you will find they’ve been already there long ago.

In the last firmware update, the handwriting recognition is quite accurate for converting different styles of handwriting into typed text. Even so, the only drawback is space missing at line breaks. Onyx is going to repair this in the next update so this feature will be good to use soon. Back to the firmware 2.1.2 update, what does it bring to us this time?

It is speech recognition, which has a capability to convert audio into typed text on Boox note app. Users need to switch to Onyx keyboard, long press space key to start recording. The typed text will be generated on screens right after ending speech. This feature only supports English and Chinese so far. As for the accuracy and response speed of the recognition, Onyx will keep improving them.

The second hidden important feature is Google Translate embedded in Neo Reader. The reason why translation functionality debuts on Boox eReaders is that a dictionary is a crucial tool during reading some foreign books, and users sometimes are not just satisfied with single word interpretation. Google Translate is a common solution for most of the users. By now it supports English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Other minor changes on firmware 2.1.2 are also polished based on users’ requirement. The underline tool, text copy & paste across apps, note page reorder, sidenote enhancements are also included. As the previous firmware version 2.1.1 was suspended after it’s released for just a few days, some users skip that one and just come to the latest version. Therefore, the 2.1.1 new features, with the 2.1.2’s, surely improve user experience much than anyone before.

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