Five Ways to Optimize Ghosting on Color E Ink Screen

Recently the latest Kaleido screen, Kaleido Plus, was announced and applied on BOOX Nova3 Color, the brand-new 7.8inch color E Ink tablet supporting Wacom styluses.

Although E Ink has rolled out some transitional versions of Kaleido and released the third generation (Kaleido Plus) suitable for mass production, the ghosting issue of color ePaper needs improvements. 

To render a better viewing experience for BOOX Nova3 Color users, our developers have made several adjustment options in our system to better offset the ghosting nature of the E Ink Kaleido Plus screen.


#1 Choose Normal Mode in the System Menu
#2 Enable Deep Refresh in NeoReader
#3 Pin Full Screen Refresh Button on the Screen
#4 Set Full-Screen Refresh as a Gesture
#5 New Regal Refresh Update on 6 May


You can learn about the detailed operation in this post.


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