Due to the Corona pandemic, there has some delays for DHL's warehouse row. Currently, the packages from our China warehouse will take around 5 - 7 working days shipped via 4px first and then transship via DHL by air from Hong Kong. We count on your understanding and patience. Apology for any inconvenience has caused.


How Does The System-Wide Split-Screen Work?

The system-wide split-screen is a new feature coming with the BOOX V3.0 firmware. Check out the post in the BOOX official website to learn how to activate the system-wide split-screen mode on your Max Lumi and Note Air.


New BOOX products will be available at all our online shops. You can now order Max Lumi and pre-order Note Air at the BOOX Shop to get a full set of free accessories. Also, BOOX Max3 with $80 off and Note2 with $30 off are available at both the official Shop and Amazon. Hurry while stocks last!


If you’re new to BOOX products, you’re welcome to join our Facebook fans group to learn the tips&skills of using BOOX tablets and what the veteran users love about BOOX🧡. 

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