How to Improve Handwriting Experience on Your Boox eReaders

There are substantial eReaders on the market, some of them are writable, the rest are not. Generally speaking, the price of the former one is a little bit higher. Anyway, the users who picked a writable eReader somewhat think the handwriting experience is a major factor in a purchase decision.

So what we can do to improve the handwriting experience?

(1) Stylus

Stylus tip is the most important part of a stylus. A set of softer stylus is very welcome since it was in stock in 2018. To a larger degree, the softer tips are helpful to make handwriting easier and more smooth. After replacing a softer tip, users do not have to apply a protector on screen because it does not scratch screens.

Besides what is mentioned above, the thickness of the stylus barrel should be taken into consideration. With a proper barrel, users are capable of writing easily and fast on eReaders. The original stylus is too thin to hold and not good for writing for a long time. We will improve our stylus and emphasis on the handwriting feeling as well as comfortable holding.

Before that, some users may like to purchase a third-party stylus, please do not forget to make sure what kind of stylus can be used on Boox devices. Wacom stylus can be applied to a majority of Boox eReaders.


(2) Screen Protector

It is commonly agreed that a screen protector is necessary right after you’ve bought a new iPhone. The iPhone is so costly that we buy a phone case and screen protector to prevent it from getting scratched or broken. Users do the same to Boox eReaders. However, for another reason, users require a piece of paper-like screen protector for better handwriting experience. It seems that a few users said they found paper-like protector close to the real paper on Amazon. Please notice whether the protector size is suitable for the screen size.


(3) Screen

There are a variety of products in Boox portfolio. The latest models like Note Pro and Nova Pro have glass-based screens, which is completely flush with the bezel. That makes it easier to draw or take notes edge to edge on a flush screen, whereas with a sunken screen, drawing along the edges is hit or miss. A glass screen will also prevent you from scratching the display if you press hard on the stylus, tradition e-paper screens can get scratched, which is why you need a screen protector or softer stylus tips.

Everything has both sides. Some users think the glass-based screen is not as paper-like as the original Mobius screen without glass-base, since when people write on authentic paper, there is subtle friction come about between the pen tip and paper surface. You cannot listen to rustle from a glass screen. As for writing on such eReader screens, the friction may make the stylus tip becomes mechanically weak and susceptible to wear and tear. Users have to replace the stylus tip frequently. Anyway, the feeling of writing on paper is absolutely fantastic. We Onyx commits to developing more paper-like devices to everyone.


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