How to Set a Screen Saver for Your BOOX

Recently we received some inquiries from users about how to set a screen saver. Today, we are going to show how to do it and anything you should pay attention to.

The process of setting up screen savers:

1. In the first place, sideload your favorite images to you BOOX. You can also search for some great images online and download them.

2. Go to the Storage, long press one of the images, an interface will be shown as below. Click “set as screensaver”.

3. After that, there are a few options here. You can set three images for the sleep mode and one for power off display.

4. If you have set three screen savers, the system will switch them in sequence each time you turn it to sleep mode.

5. Please notice that if you set a landscape image, it will also automatically display in landscape mode.

6. Because of the characteristic of E Ink display, the device hardly consumes power even it’s showing an image there. So it’s a good idea to capture a calendar or your schedule for the power-off image.

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