The Latest E-ink Displays in SID 2019

The Society for Information Display (SID) is an industry organization for displays, generally electronic displays such as televisions and computer monitors. This year, the SID 2019, which was held May from 14th to 16th May 2019 in San Jose, California, US, shows not only those kinds of common electronic displays, but also the E-ink displays! What the latest E-ink technologies were showcased in this event?

(1) JustTint

This new, innovative variable transmission light control film technology provides variable tint and on-demand privacy solutions, which is fast switching, bistable and conformable.

Apparently, it was designed for the application across automotive, architectural, and privacy-related industries. As we guess, this tech can be applied to telephone booths, sunroofs, windows, etc. What’s more interesting is, this film enables to be partially or entirely opaque, with the flip of a switch. This peculiarity makes it have a breakthrough for more applications.

(2) JustWrite

This is also a film technology invented by E Ink. The special film delivers a natural writing experience without the use of a TFT backplane or complex electronics. Exhibiting almost no latency in pen writing, this film technology closely resembles writing on paper, natural surfaces or marker boards.

No TFT backplane means that devices utilizing this tech are hopefully thinner and lighter than ever. Maybe one day we could have a digital paper thin as a real paper, roll it up and put it in bags.

(3) Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)

A high-quality, full-color reflective display. In the ACeP platform, the ink can produce full color at every pixel, without the use of a color filter array (CFA). E Ink was showcasing ACeP in both 26” and 13.3”, both of which are now in production, and an advanced display demonstrating a less than 3 second update time for a new color image.

Less than 3 sec update time! This was a large improvement for ACeP. And we had to admit that the color E-ink display was so appealing that we could not take our eyes off it. Could you tolerate the 3-sec update time if you have a colored eReader now?

Electronic paper displays from E Ink are well-recognized as being the technology behind eReaders, but E Ink’s industry-leading technology also enables electronic shelf labels that can respond to customer traffic patterns, medical devices that empower better medical adherence, and films that open new possibilities for light control. Thanks to the futuristic tech provided by E Ink, more and more E-ink products will be found in our lives.

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