The Way to Add Fonts to Your Boox

The font is a crucial factor for improving the reading experience. By making your e-books more readable, try to select a font you like in the font list. In the firmware 2.1.2, there are over 150 fonts in the list when you are reading e-books in EPUB format. If you are not satisfied with those fonts, here is a detailed instruction to add extra fonts to your Boox.

1. First of all, make sure you have an Epub document on it.

2. Download a font you like from this website where you can download thousands of fonts for free:

For instance, download the “Midnight Drive — Youssef Habchi” via your desktop (the file needs to be extracted).

3. After the extraction, sideload the font files within a “Fonts” folder on the root directory (create one if it’s not there).

4. Open the Epub document again, you can select that font face now. Congratulation!

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