Due to the Corona pandemic, there has some delays for DHL's warehouse row. Currently, the packages from our China warehouse will take around 5 - 7 working days shipped via 4px first and then transship via DHL by air from Hong Kong. We count on your understanding and patience. Apology for any inconvenience has caused.

BOOX B2B Central

Boox B2B center is the B2B marketplace on Booxshop, providing business customers with the best offers and excellent service. Simple purchase process and direct shipping save your valuable time from back and forth negotiations and better serve the needs of business customers.

1. Enjoy $500 off when order 5 Max 2 Pro devices from Booxshop. Order each Max 2 Pro at $699.99. Also grad one remoter, tether, adapter and set of tips for free with each Max 2 Pro.
2. Enjoy $500 off when order 5 Max 2 devices with your order. Order each Max 2 at $599.99. Also grad one adapter, tips, tether and screen protector for free with each Max 2.