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We Are Proud To Be The Only Company In The Global Market That Supplies A Full Range Of E Ink (EPaper) Electronics From 6 Inches To 13 Inches.

A versatile, robust tablet for productivity. Retain an A4-size high-resolution flexible E Ink display. A perfect fit for PDFs, a great size for multitasking, and an excellent screen for a great writing feel.

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A large all-rounder tablet suitable for academic and leisure reading as well as note-taking. Read and write comfortably on a front-lit A5-size display with 1872×1404 resolution and 227 dpi.

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The most portable device with an HD screen for e-book reading and note-taking. 7.8inch Carta E Ink display with high resolution and front light can display crisp texts without causing eyestrain. Available in monochrome and color screen.

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Small devices pack the most powerful features for reading. Highly portable with a light weight. And the 300dpi front-lit display can show sharp texts. Leaf even gets magnetic accessories and a g-sensor. Enjoy stories anywhere.

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BOOX Used device

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With BOOX, you can not only read like on paper but also get an optimal writing, drawing and note-taking experience. A tool to improve productivity.No distraction, just focus on work and study.



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