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Best ePaper Choice 2022

Relieve eyestrains and enhance efficiency in reading, note-taking and multitasking.

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Nova Air C

The right mix of fun and feasibility.

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Do More and Better

  • Install Android Apps
    Get the Google Drive, DropBox, OverDrive and the working and reading apps you need in Google Play Store. No limitation, only flexibility, on our Android tablets.
  • No File Type Limits
    Read whatever you want, including PDF, MOBI, EPUB, AWZ3, CBR and more. You’ll never get in conversion trouble with BOOX supporting 17 file formats.
  • The Most Powerful PDF Reader
    Zoom in on the A4-sized pages in sections. And adjust the layout, font size, and margins. Reading and annotating PDF is hassle-free on BOOX.
  • Ultimate Personalization
    BOOX offers the flexibility you can never find in other E Ink devices. Customize refresh speed, app performance, book layout and note templates. All are at your fingertips.

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