BOOX Firmware V3.5

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BOOX Firmware V3.5 provides a set of versatile and advanced tools to help you to use BOOX more efficiently, create more freely, and increase your productivity in smarter ways*.

Smart Scribe

  • Book Annotation
  • Content Tape
  • Note Deletion
  • Shape and Line Perfection

Take notes easily and perfect the strokes.

Turn on Smart Scribe by tapping the AI button in the built-in NeoReader and Notes to easily add annotations and remove notes using handwritten marks. You can also use the tool to draw neat lines and shapes.


Add Blank Pages in PDFs¹

Create an extra space and write down more ideas in the blank pages.

AI Read

In less than two minutes, you can get a book summary, learn more about the author and genre, and find more related books².

Enhanced Scrolling View

When the scrolling View is enabled, you can scroll the files with a mouse³.


Upgraded Note Hyperlinks with Quick Return Option

Jump back and forth in the linked notes easily.

Free Lasso

Select any part of your notes with the flexible lasso tool to move, copy, cut and paste it freely.

Fill-in Colors

By simply tapping enclosed shapes, you can fill them with different colors using the new Fill tool.


Calendar Screensaver⁴

Keep track of the date and time in an elegant way.

Flexible Split Screen⁵

Adjust the split-screen size to get the best view for each app.

Custom System Fonts

Import your preferred font and use it throughout the system interface to give your BOOX a new look⁶.

Custom Mouse Settings

Customize the cursor style, scrolling direction, and tracking speed to your preference⁷.

The latest BOOX firmware is compatible with these devices.

The firmware package will be released in batches. Some features may vary between models. Please refer to your device's changelog for a complete list of features.

Other Devices

  • Tab Ultra C
  • Tab Ultra
  • Tab X
  • Tab Mini C
  • Max Lumi2
  • Max Lumi
  • Page
  • Poke5
  • Note Air2 Plus
  • Note Air2
  • Note Air
  • Note5
  • Nova Air2
  • Nova Air C
  • Nova Air
  • And More

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Update Guide

Discover how to update your device.

User Guide

*BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for at least three years after the product's launch. Through continuous updates, every BOOX user can have a better experience. And every BOOX user can get 10GB of free Onyx cloud storage to store their notes online and keep them safe.

[1] PDFs with blank pages are available for devices with handwriting capabilities.

[2] Al Read is available for devices with handwriting capabilities, and the quota is updated daily. The information provided by AI Read is solely for your reference. We're not responsible for its accuracy or reliability.

[3] For fixed-format files like PDFs, the NeoReader's built-in scrolling view can be found in the Format section. If you turn on the scrolling view, you can use either the BOOX's trackpad or a third-party mouse to scroll through the documents.

[4] The new Calendar Screensaver is available for a few models and can be set up in Settings or the Screensaver app.

[5] The flexible split screen is available for Tab Ultra C Pro and Note Air3 C.

[6] Custom fonts are available for Tab Ultra C Pro and Note Air3 C.

[7] Bluetooth mice are supported by BOOX tablets. Custom mouse settings are available for Tab series products.

The actual user interface of various features is determined by the product and firmware packages.

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