Scope of Warranty

All our BOOX devices receive one-year warranty service.

If within 15 days from the date of purchase, any faults caused by quality problem of the product itself under normal operation and without overhaul, you can replace the same type of product or enjoy maintenance services for free.

If within one year from the date of purchase, any faults caused by quality problem of the product itself under normal operation and without overhaul, you can enjoy maintenance services for free.

If within three-years from the date of purchase, the product has any faults, you can get maintenance services with a fee.

Above warranty or maintenance are limited to the fault of electrical components, including the hardware mainboard and display, not including housing, brochures, package, headphones and other consumables and accessories.

Beyond the scope of warranty

The warranty will automatically expire under the following circumstances, but customers can still enjoy fee-based maintenance services.

Faulty device without ONYX BOOX brand.

Faulty device caused by dismantling and repairing without permission from Onyx.

Faulty devices with altered or lost serial number.

The fault or damage caused by man-made or abnormal operation (subject to the undesignated environment with too wet or too dry air, unstable voltage or current…etc.)

For all damages from outside force including liquid, crack, improper plugging and insect pest…etc.

Natural consumption, including aging of housing, external ports and accessories.

Damage caused by force majeure (fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters).

The faults caused by software operation outside the scope of onyx SDK permission.

The failure products do not belong to Onyx.

The nonlocal device(the warranty is only available at the place where the device is purchased).

Precautions for repair

 Users need to contact our after-sales department ( ) to confirm whether it is in the scope of warranty and what faults and fault causes are.

 Users need to provide proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) and warranty card consistent with the original barcode to obtain maintenance service.

 Due to the special properties of the product screen, for non-screen maintenance equipment, please ensure that the screen is intact and reinforce the packing before sending to us. Please protect the screen well and avoid damage in transportation. We do not provide a screen-damaged product with free maintenance.

 Please only send the device and the materials required above to us. Do not send the headphones, adapters and other accessories. If the accessories are lost, we are not responsible for damages.

 Please back up data before sending your device to repair. Onyx is not liable for the loss of your data during the maintenance process.

As the written information, Onyx shall NOT be responsible for any mechanical failure or a result of direct and indirect losses (such as loss of business information ..etc.) caused by software problem.

The native consumer is protected by the consumer protection laws of his country. If consumer buys product in a foreign country, then the consumer must follow the foreign country’s consumer protection law.

ONYX International Inc. reserves the right of interpretation of this warranty.


*According to the EU related policies, there is a 2-year warranty for any product purchased from BOOX Shop. What is more, BOOX Shop will be responsible for the shipping fees (back and forth) if the product need to be sent back to check or repair because of the quality problems within 30 days of receipt. After 30 days, BOOX Shop and customer should share the shipping fees.

The specific policies are:


Where can I send my BOOX device for repair or maintenance?

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