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It's simple to find a suitable ePaper productivity tool. Choose up to three devices to compare their screen size, CPU, battery life, and other features to find the best fit.

Pen2 Pro Magnetic Stylus with an Eraser
The BOOX Pen2 Pro is a magnetic pen with an eraser and...
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BOOX Blue Page Pedal
The BOOX Blue Page Pedal allows you to step the pedal to turn...
$129.99 $89.99
Sold Out
BOOX Pen Plus
BOOX Pen Plus is a magnetic pen with an ergonomic shaft and...
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BOOX Stand
The stand is composed of high-quality metal and is designed to give...
Stylus Tips for Pen Plus / Pen2 Pro / Triangle Pen
These pen tips work with our Pen Plus, Pen2 Pro, and the...
Leaf2 Case Cover
The three-fold protective case for Leaf2 consists of a high-quality PC back case and...
Onyx Boox B.T. Remoter
The Bluetooth remote makes it simple to control the BOOX ePaper tablets....
Tab Ultra / Tab Ultra C Magnetic Three-fold Case
The BOOX case cover is made of artificial leather in a skin-like, soft...
Note Air2 Series Magnetic Case
The magnetic tri-fold magnetic case, which is compatible with the Note Air2...

Use BOOX For Work and Leisure

Various Product Types

Leave Your Tasks to the Right Tool

Tablets with slick screens make note taking difficult, and slow eReaders aren't ideal for reading professional files. Now is the time to get things done easily with a BOOX gadget.

E Ink tablets for focused reading and note taking
E-paper tablet PCs for productive work.
Monitors for long-time use without eyestrains.
Large and Small Devices

Effortless Work, Limitless Reading

Choose between a large tablet for more efficient work and a portable eReader for reading your favorite books whenever and wherever you like.

13,3’’-Perfect for professional use
10.3’’-Suitable for reading and note-taking
7.8’’-eReaders and sketch pads on the go
6-7’’-Tiny ebook readers, ultimate portability
Flexible and Powerful Features

Get More Done without Distractions

With the versatile tools, Android system, and eye-friendly E Ink screens, you can do a lot more without the complexities and distractions that come with a smartphone or tablet.

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Compare BOOX Devices

Learn more about the differences in their screen size, software, special features and more so can you choose the best tool.

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Enhance Your Experience with Consistant Updates

No matter it’s an ePaper tablet or a monitor, we guarantee at least three years of firmware update¹ for our users so they can use new features and helpful tools to improve their study and work. Now we’re still supporting the devices released in 2017².

Make A Difference with Our Productivity Tools


eBook Formats

Note-taking Tools



Still wondering which BOOX is right for you?

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  1. Boox is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every Boox user can get improved experiences through consistent updates
  2. Devices released in 2017 include BOOX Max2, our first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with handwriting capability and Android 6.
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