BOOX Note Air2

The paperlike tablet offers more essential features to help you work and learn more effectively.
Paperlike Surface
Versatile with Android 11
Free 5G cloud storage¹ and more essential features.

Solid and Slim

Get Closer to Paper

Paired with the new film and the new stylus with improved magnets, Note Air2 makes you feel more like writing on paper.

Paper-like New Writing Film

It increases the friction of writing on Note Air2 to make it a better digital notebook.

*The film is part of the screen and is non-removable.

*The film is pre-applied and laminated on the screen. Please avoid scratches from sharp objects.

Magnetic BOOX Pens

The magnetic BOOX Pen Plus and BOOX Pen2 Pro even offer a better handwriting feel.

Stronger Magnets

The improved magnets on the side of Note Air2 can better hold the magnetic pens.

Write and Draw More Flexibly

Write faster on OneNote/WPS/Evernote

Note Air2 is more compatible with third-party note-taking apps. So you can draw on OneNote, WPS, and Evernote without feeling much latency.

Customize fixed brushes

You can customize up to 5 brush styles and pin them on the top, and switching pens is all hustle, no hassle.

Export notes into vector PDFs

By exporting notes into vector PDFs, you won't lose a bit of pixel no matter how you zoom in on your work. Creation becomes more flexible on Note Air2.

More power tools for creativity

Besides the new features, Note Air2 offers more powerful tools to fuel your ideas: layers, canvas, templates and more. And they're all customizable.

Get Custom Reading Experience

Better PDF Reflow The improved PDF reflow feature makes the font size and margin adjustable. So you can read PDFs comfortably on a 10.3" screen.
Flexible split-screen Open two apps and view them side by side. The split-screen can help you stay focus and multitask at the same time.
Enjoy more ebooks' original style The visual engine V2 just gets better. You can appreciate the specific style of EPUB, MOBI, and more formats when reading ebooks.
No format conversion troubles Note Air2 supports 17 file formats and offers a ton of customization tools for reading. So you can enjoy ebooks in your favorite layout without conversion.

Powered up for Performance

Larger 4GB+64 GB storage. The storage of Note Air2 is 2x larger than its predecessor, so you can load more files and notes into it without worrying about the space limits.

More powerful CPU. The processor of Note Air2 gets upgraded to make tasks faster. With four productive cores and four efficient cores, a single task and multi-tasks can get the smoothest performance on an E Ink tablet.

Flexible Android 11. Running the most up-to-date Android version in E Ink, Note Air2 is more compatible with third-party apps. So you'll have better flexibility in installing and using your favorite apps.

Split the screen vertically. This new feature opens up more possibilities in using the split-screen feature in Note Air2. In the portrait split-view, you can view two apps vertically without rotating the screen.

Convenient G-sensor No matter how you rotate the device, the screen will turn in the right direction to give you the best view. Pick it up and start using your Note Air2 today.
Latest Firmware Note Air2 coming with the latest BOOX Firmware offers more robust features, including a re-designed intuitive user interface and the super-fast BOOXDrop app. And the whole new account system just makes sharing more convenient with account privacy protection. You will get continual firmware updates² on Note Air2 to improve your experience.

The Versatile Writing Tablet

Fuel Creativity in More Ways

Add the accessories to your cart with Note Air2 to get a better experience using this tablet.

Use solid protective case

10.3 Tablet Protective Sleeve

Pocket style, quality fabric and artificial leather finish. You can effortlessly fit the device into it and protect the device from scratches. Order with Note Air2 to get it for free.

Note Air 1/2 Protective Case

Snapped-in design with a solid back case. Protect your Note Air and Note Air2 at 360° and offer a comfortable horizontal stand. Order with Note Air2 to get 40% off the case.

Write with magnetic stylus

Magnetic BOOX Pen Plus

Improved nib renders a close-to-paper writing experience. Ergonomic shaft with grooves can help you grip firmly. Order with Note Air2 to get it for free.

Magnetic BOOX Pen2 Pro

Refined nib offers a paper-like writing experience. Built-in eraser helps you work more efficiently. Order with Note Air2 to get 40% off the pen.

BOOX Note Air2


Screen: Parameters:10.3" HD Carta glass screen with flat cover-lens

Resolution: 1404x1872 Carta (227 dpi)

Touch: BOOX Pen Plus stylus touch with magnets (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch

CPU: Advanced octa-core processor


ROM: 64GB UFS2.1

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0

Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)


OS: Android 11.0

Documents Formats: PDF(reflowable), PPT,EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...

Image Formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP

Audio Formats: WAV, MP3

APP Store: BOOX Store

Support DRM(3 party apps)


Buttons: power button

Expansion Interface: USB Type-C (support OTG)

Speaker: yes

Mic: yes

Earphone Jack: USB-C earphone jack

Battery: Polymer Li-on ( ≥ 3000mAh )

Battery Life: Up to 4 weeks (standby mode)

Dimensions: 229.4x195.4x5.8 mm

Weight: ≤420g







Included In The Box (standard only)

Onyx BOOX Note Air2 X1,BOOX Pen Plus stylus with magnets X1,USB-C Cable X1,Quick Start Guide X1,Warranty Sheet X1

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1. BOOX is committed to offering 5GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 5GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.

2. BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every BOOX user can get improved experiences through continual updates.

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