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Question 1/4

How will you be using
your BOOX most of the time?

For School
For Work
For Home
For Commute,
Travel and Going out
Question 2/4

How large the device do you like?

Can be easily carried around
and take up less space.
Display words and notes clearly.
Enough screen space for
large-format files and long notes.
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Question 3/4

What will you be doing with your BOOX?

Read books only
Read books and
take notes mainly
Multi-task with some
third-party apps
Google Drive, Microsoft Office,
Trello and more.
Take it as an extended
display of my PC
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Question 4/4

What type of BOOX device are you looking for?

E Ink Tablets
Professional reading and note-taking devices that can do many things and run on Android OS.
ePaper Tablet PCs
With Android OS. More versatile and smoother. Help you get work done in one place by providing a tablet and laptop-like experience.
ePaper Monitors
With no built-in software,
used for displaying content only.
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