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This is the lightweight, capable E Ink tablet that reviewers love.
Android Police
If you’re looking to buy a note-taking/e-reader that’s capable, but not capable enough to distract from the task at hand, the Nova Air is definitely something you should consider.
La Nova Air est sans conteste l’une des meilleures liseuses 8’’ du moment. Aussi élégante que performante, elle jouit d’une polyvalence sans égal grâce au logiciel Onyx couplé à Android.
Nothing beats paper for note-taking or reading. But the 7.8-inch Onyx Boox Nova Air's backlight-free E Ink screen comes close, without the bulk.
Les finitions et la finesse exemplaires de cette liseuse tout en légèreté, qui fait office de bloc-notes numérique grâce au stylet fourni, reflètent une rupture de design pour Onyx Boox.
I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect E Ink device that combines all the best features and applications of electronic ink while still being small enough that I’ll actually want to carry it around all day. For my needs, that device is the new Onyx Boox Nova Air.
Si buscas un libro y cuaderno superpotenciado con las ventajas de Android, sentirás que este es un dispositivo de ensueño.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The 7.8inch E Ink tablet becomes lighter and thinner without compromising on quality and power. Introducing the brand-new Nova Air, the portable eReader that kindles your joy for every task on the go.

As light as air

Easy on the eyes

Dual speakers

Sleek design

Open Android 10 OS

Type-C connection

Nova Air vs. Nova3

Less Effort and More Joy

Nova Air features a 6.3mm thinness and a 235g weight that make reading, note-taking and drawing as fun and effortless as dancing on air. But this is not all it gets. The magnetic stylus and case double the convenience. And the all-white design with a stunning metal back case decorated with natural spots endows Nova Air with both aesthetics and durability.
Read in More Than One Way

Read and write on whatever ebook format.

Nova Air supports reading and taking notes on most ebook and file formats from epub, Mobi to pdf and PowerPoint slides. Its 7.8'' HD E Ink screen makes texts sharp and clear to rest your eyes.

17 File Formats

Get rid of file format conversions.

Hand-writing Notes

Take notes on all files.

Turn pages effortlessly. The brand-new magnetic case with two physical page-turning buttons lets your thumb move less. No swipe is needed. Snap Nova Air to the case, then you're all set to dive in reading with light pressing on the buttons.
Read books or listen to books. Read books or listen to books. Two Hi-Fi speakers on the bottom provide high-quality stereo sound for audio playing. Open your favorite book and tap the Text-to-Speech button—Voilà, the story begins to stream from your Nova Air. Lay back and enjoy.

Use it outdoors and indoors

The anti-glare film makes Nova Air readable in the sunlight. The adjustable front lights also make reading available in the room. Pack this lightweight device with you when traveling, then you can finish the most intriguing plots by the picturesque scenery and in the resort.

Level-up Handwriting Feel

Nova Air with an exclusively developed film improves the handwriting experience. Whether you're writing, scribbling or sketching, the pre-installed film can better protect the screen from scratches. Paired with the BOOX Pen, it makes sure you get a refined pen-to-paper feel.

*The film is pre-applied and laminated on the screen. Force removement may destroy the screen.

Take Beautiful Notes and Convert

It's simple to take beautiful notes and convert them on Nova Air. Use multiple brushes, shapes and layers to turn inspirations on the go into vivid markups. And with the robust handwriting recognition built in the Notes app, you can convert your notes into texts with just two taps.

5 Brushes

Unleash your creativity with power tools.

5 Layers

Do complex compositions easily without having to be a guru.

Handwriting Conversion

Organize thoughts instantly.

The magnetic BOOX Pen

The magnetic BOOX Pen is in white now. Designed in conjunction with the Nova Air, the white BOOX Pen offers strong magnets and a comfortable grip. It can be firmly attached to the device, so you can use it any time and take it anywhere.


pressure sensitivity

Light in Weight, Heavy in Power

Nova Air combines advanced software with a leading processor and ample storage, making it compatible with most third-party reading apps. On the way to the office and home, you can spend time on more best-seller stories.

Android 10 OS

Latest BOOX Firmware

3GB + 32GB Storage

Sync and Transfer, Easy as A Breeze

With Nova Air, getting files synced and transferred is all hustle and no hassle. Sync the notes to the cloud and view them on the computer and mobile. Transfer books, images and web articles to Nova Air to read them without straining eyes.
Seamless Synchronization
Multiple Transferring Ways

Protect Your Nova Air from Scratches and Drops

Standard Sleeve

Convenient pocket style is designed to keep your Nova Air from damages.

$ 39.99

Pre-order to get a free sleeve with Nova Air

The free gift will be shipped together with the device.

Stained and oxidized metal can cause connection failure. If you can't use the buttons in the case after connecting it to Nova Air, please wipe off the stains on the pogo pins with alcohol pads and try again.

Magnetic Case

A dedicated case made for Nova Air to keep it safe and enhance usability. The brushed pattern with metal gloss is perfectly matched to the metal back case of Nova Air.

Magnets can attach to Nova Air with a snap.

Physical page-turning buttons reduce thumb movements.

Anti-slippery inner flips and increased thickness make your Nova Air safe and sound.

Add To Cart

Check out with Nova Air to get 40% OFF on the case.


Sharp objects and large external force can easily damage the magnetic case of Nova Air. Please be careful when using it.

BOOX Nova Air


Screen: Parameters:7.8" HD Eink Carta Screen with AG glass flat cover-lens

Resolution: 1872x1404 Carta (300 dpi)

Touch: BOOX Pen Stylus touch (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch

CPU: Updated Octa-core



Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0

Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)


OS: Android 10.0

Documents Formats: PDF(reflowable), PPT,EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...

Image Formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP

Audio Formats: WAV, MP3

APP Store: BOOX Store

Support 3rd-party apps


Buttons: power button

Expansion Interface: USB Type-C (support OTG)

Speaker: Built-in dual speakers

Mic: yes

Earphone Jack: USB-C earphone jack

Battery: 2000mAh Polymer Li-on

Battery Life: Up to 26 days (standby mode)

Dimensions: 194x136.5x6.3 mm

Weight: ≤235g








Included In The Box (standard only)

Onyx Boox Nova Air X1,Stylus Pen X1,USB-C Cable X1,Quick Start Guide X1,Warranty Sheet X1

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