Introducing 7.8inch Color E Ink Tablet BOOX Nova3 Color

Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color is a brand-new 7.8inch color E Ink tablet with the latest color E Ink screen, Kaleido Plus, Android 10, advanced hardware and the newest BOOX firmware V3.1. It supports writing and offers more features to help users enjoy this E Ink tablet.

Here're the key features of BOOX Nova3 Color:

  • The Latest Color E Ink Technology
  • Original Algorithm and Screen Enhancement
  • Writable and Portable
  • For Manga, Comics, Work and Early Childhood Education
  • More Convenient With the Latest BOOX Firmware
  • Where to Buy

Check out our full blog post to learn more about it.

Nova3 Color is available at the BOOX Shop with a full set of free accessories. Hurry while stocks last!



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