Meet BOOX Go Series: Simple, Powerful, and Lightweight ePaper Devices

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We're excited to unveil the BOOX Go series, our latest lineup of lightweight ePaper tablets. This series features Go 10.3 and Go Color 7—the ultra-thin monochrome notepad with 300PPI and a flexible 7'' color ePaper reader, respectively. Both exude a design philosophy that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity blended with digital power.

Nature-Inspired Design for Everyday Use

The Go series features a sleek and minimalistic design inspired by nature, embodying the essence of 'living light'. Both the Go 10.3 and Go Color 7 are designed to be lightweight and portable for daily use.

The BOOX Go 10.3 is impressively thin at just 4.6mm and weighs only 375g. With a front panel free of buttons, all ports are conveniently positioned around the bezel for ergonomic handling. Its sophisticated metal body is complemented by a light grey, leather-like back that enhances its elegant greyish-white color scheme. Providing a genuine paper-like experience, Go 10.3 is tailored for creative individuals seeking inspiration on the move.

BOOX Go 10.3 - 4.6mm ePaper tablet

Weighing a mere 195g, the Go Color 7 features a compact 7'' design and a textured back that mimics the tactile feel of paper. The device offers a secure grip and comfortable hold, making it ideal for daily use. Additionally, its water-repellent design ensures protection against spills and splashes, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

BOOX Go Color 7

Go 10.3: The 4.6mm Monochrome ePaper Notepad with 300PPI

The Go 10.3, equipped with a 10.3'' Carta 1200 E Ink display with a high-resolution of 300PPI, delivers crisp, clear texts and images. Its anti-glare screen ensures excellent content visibility and you can feel content come closer to your eyes without the front light layer.

BOOX Go 10.3

The paper-thin E Ink tablet offers note-taking capabilities and incorporate a range of note-taking tools, including lasso tools, Smart Scribe, and more. It is designed to capture your creative inspirations effortlessly. Coupled with a powerful 3700mAh battery, it captures your inspiration without the constant worry of recharging.

Notetaking on the BOOX Go 10.3

Go Color 7: A Flexible 7'' Color ePaper Reader

The BOOX Go Color 7 is equipped with the Kaleido 3 color ePaper display and BOOX's exclusive refreshing technology. It presents a soft and mellow palette, enhancing the display quality and reducing ghosting effects.

It retains the popular design of physical page-turning buttons and a wide bezel, enabling effortless one-handed page turning and comfortable grip.

BOOX Go Color 7 - Color ePaper Reader

Android Flexibility and Ample Storage

Operating on the Android 12 system, the Go Series ePaper tablets offer extensive flexibility to personalize your experience. With access to the integrated Google Play Store, you have the freedom to install your favorite apps - whether they are for reading, listening to podcasts, or managing your daily schedule.

BOOX Go Series with Android flexibility

Furnished with a 4GB+64GB storage capacity, and compatibility with 25 digital formats, you have the convenience of carrying countless reads in a single, compact device.

Wrap Up

Overall, the BOOX Go Series establishes a new standard for lightweight ePaper devices, perfectly blending simplicity with digital power. Both Go 10.3 and Go Color 7 personify this blend, presenting minimalist yet practical designs that are pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

The BOOX Go 10.3 redefines the concept of 'ultra-thin' with its exceptional slimness, complemented by a 300PPI black & white ePaper display, a range of smart note-taking tools, and extended battery life. It exemplifies the embodiment of form and function for creative minds always on the move.

The BOOX Go Color 7 provides an enjoyable reading experience with its Kaleido 3 color ePaper display. Its compact design, large storage capacity, and resilient body enable users to keep their stories going wherever they are.

Go 10.3 and Go Color 7 are now available in the official BOOX Shop.

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