Meet the BOOX Note Air3: Your Monochrome Tablet for Enhanced Focus and Easy Thought Capturing

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We're delighted to unveil the Note Air3, an exceptional black & white E Ink tablet designed to enhance focus and simplify note-taking. The Note Air3 series, comprising of the Note Air3 and Note Air3 C, offering you the choice between a monochrome screen or a color screen. Developed as an upgrade to its monochrome predecessor, the Note Air2 Plus, the Note Air3 caters to users who value a smoother experience, long battery life, and effortless note-taking.

Distraction-Free Reading Experience

The Note Air3 is equipped with a 10.3'' Carta 1200 E Ink screen, offering exceptional black and white contrast for sharper text and better focus. The thinner glass panel enhances clarity and contrast, simulating the sensation of reading on paper. The glare-free display ensures clear visibility even under direct sunlight, while the E Ink technology reduces eye strain and fatigue during extended reading sessions, offering ultimate reading comfort. 

Reading on monochrome E Ink tablet

With its monochrome screen, the Note Air3 eliminates color distractions, allowing you to fully concentrate on the content and thoughts. It also supports 17 ebook formats, enabling you to open any reading materials with ease. The black & white E Ink tablet is specifically designed to enhance focus, offering an eye-friendly screen and powerful tools to ensure a truly distraction-free reading experience.

Smooth User Experience and Long Battery Life

Designed with user experience in mind, the Note Air3 is equipped with a high-performance Octa-core CPU, clocking speeds of up to 2.4GHz, which outperforms the capabilities of the Note Air2 Plus. Additionally, it upgrades to Android 12, ensuring greater app compatibility and enhanced security. These improvements guarantee a smoother and more efficient usage experience.

With a 3700mAh battery, the Note Air3 offers an impressive standby mode that can last up to 4 weeks. The upgraded CPU and long battery life of the Note Air3 provide a seamless user experience that lasts longer between charges.

Ergonomic Comfort and Paperthin in a Classic Package

Continuing the classic thin design of the Note Air2 Plus, the Note Air3 boasts a slim profile of only 5.8mm. Housed in a premium aluminum shell, it presents a sleek, chic look. Its lightweight construction makes it effortless to carry and hold for extended periods. The wide grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, enabling you to write or draw with ease.

paperthin E Ink tablet

Refining Note-Taking Excellence

The Note Air3's paperlike screen recreates the authentic feel of pen on paper, enabling you to enjoy digital convenience without sacrificing the tactile writing experience. Jot down ideas and sketches effortlessly with the included Wacom stylus, without worrying about battery life. It's always ready when inspiration strikes.

Taking notes on BOOX E Ink Tablet

Experience the power of our latest firmware update, featuring the innovative Smart Scribe feature. Transform your scribbles into perfect shapes, highlight and underline with ease, and delete your handwriting effortlessly.

The E Ink tablet also offers comprehensive note-taking tools. Instantly find relevant notes with keyword search, convert your handwritten notes into editable text, and seamlessly connect points to related files or websites for quick reference.

Experience Flexibility and Easy Organization

Running on the Android 12 operating system, the Note Air3 grants you access to a wide range of apps to fulfill your needs. Whether you need to access your favorite note-taking apps, reading apps, or check your emails, Note Air3 has you covered. The device also features a flexible split-screen function, allowing you to multitask effortlessly and view multiple apps simultaneously. With the new versatile magnetic cover, you can use it in three different ways and conveniently attach the stylus to the device for easy carrying once you're done with your work.

Flexible split-screen on the Onyx BOOX E Ink tablet

To simplify file management and organization, utilize the built-in BOOXDrop and Onyx cloud. With BOOXDrop, enjoy limitless file transfer, making sending and downloading files a breeze. Onyx cloud provides a secure and convenient way to sync and access your notes or annotations on all your BOOX devices, ensuring your files are always backed up and accessible whenever you need them.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the BOOX Note Air3 is a monochrome eReader and notepad that offers enhanced focus and easy thought capturing. 

With its paperlike screen, upgraded CPU, and Android 12 OS, the Note Air3 provides a smooth and distraction-free user experience. Its sleek design, long battery life, and innovative features also set a new standard in digital note-taking.

This E Ink tablet is the perfect tool for students, professionals, or creative individuals looking to stay focused, organized, and productive. Experience the power of the BOOX Note Air3 and elevate your note-taking to unprecedented heights.

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