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The Most Thoughtful Gift for Valentine’s Day: BOOX Poke 3

The Most Thoughtful Gift for Valentine’s Day: BOOX Poke 3

At the beginning of a year, everything takes on a fresh and new look. Going through Christmas, another festival of gifts: Valentine’s Day is approaching. According to the latest findings, the most popular Valentine's Day gifts each year are desserts, roses, and jewelry. But this year, are you ready for an affectionate gift to represent your love vow? This article is to recommend the best Valentine’s day gift for not only aficionados but also occasional readers. 

The Most Thoughtful Gift

Poke3 and its protective case on a blue background

If you don't think there's anything new to be said for the old cliche, Poke3 Valentine's Edtion is a thoughtful valentine's gift that will impress your beloved and get her/his heart rate up.

Compared to other frequently-mentioned eReaders, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook, BOOX Poke3 offers more capabilities, better response speed, and a close-to-paper experience. And it is lighter and thinner, capable of more functions with the Android system, and more adaptive to the different reading environments by dual-tone LEDs. It’s a great option for Valentine’s gift to relieve the eye strain of your lover who loves reading and frequently uses tablets.

We also offer an exclusive packing box for this special edition. Try to imagine the reaction when the valentine’s gifts are sent, received, and opened—the surprise, the excitement—the interactions that might occur between people. It makes us happy to think that our products can bring sweeter and fuller moments.

Poke3 Valentine's Edition
Poke3 Valentine's Edition

To Love Someone Is to Love Their Eyes

Many of us heard that tablets with bright screens, like iPad, can cause eyestrain and related problems because tablet screens are backlit and emit blue lights. E Ink, in comparison, can protect our eyes from fatigue, which is not backlit and designed to look like a piece of paper. E Ink is always better at reading. BOOX Poke3 employs a 4th generation E Ink HD Carta display with a resolution of 1488*1072 at 300dpi. Reading with Poke3 is like reading on paper. 

Poke3 is also equipped with both warm and cold lights. Users can toggle between them, reading from day tonight. Nothing can stop your love from both books and reality.

Poke3 Valentine's Edition with front lights on

Versatile and Comfortable Reading & Writing Experience

An A4 size pad is inconvenient to carry, but a 6 inch E Ink tablet: BOOX Poke3 is more considerate.

Poke3 is a lightweight, pony-sized, portable tablet, but its convenience is not restricted by its portability. Try to connect Poke3 with Bluetooth speakers or earphones via its latest BT 5.0. Then start to listen to audio books in third-party apps, or listen through or just listen to some songs together.

Poke3 runs the Android 10 system, allowing users to install multifarious third-party apps such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc. It’s a good option for Valentine’s Day because of its convenience and multi-function as an e-reader and portable reading tablet.

Listen to TTS on Poke3 Valentine's Edition

Also, Users can read more than 17 kinds of formats of books, taking notes on them without format conversion. Advanced storage and Bluetooth solutions make transfer speed faster and faster. Ample 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM can sustain a huge volume of reading materials and plans. A high refresh speed of 300 DPI actualizes real paper display. All these flexible functions make Poke3 Valentine's Edition a considerate present for your beloved.

This Valentine’s Day, you might want to try something a little different. Poke3 Special Edition is guaranteed to be fresh, not guaranteed to be surprised.

It's is available for order now in our shop.

We also provide other series that support hand-writing, free intelligent detection, and conversion from handwriting to text. More options can be found and chosen at BOOX's official store and our recommendations.

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