Mira Pro (Frontlight Version): 25.3'' ePaper Monitor to Ease Your Eyestrain

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With excitement and anticipation, we're over the moon to unveil Mira Pro (Frontlight Version)—BOOX's very first 25.3'' monitor featuring an eye-pleasing front light. As the biggest product in our lineup, Mira Pro is a gift for people who spend extended hours working and creating on screens.

Tender Front Light: Comfy Gaze for Unlimited Creativity

Building upon the existing features you adore, Mira Pro greeted a major enhancement—front light. We overcame a host of technological hurdles to equip this 25.3'' large ePaper screen with 112 bulbs to provide dual-tone front light. The mild light evenly bathes the screen, mimicking ambient lighting, gentle for your eyes. The tone and intensity can be adjusted by the scroll wheel or on our Mira software. With that, whether in a poor-lit space or on a tranquil night, you can enjoy the sharp text and clear images. Unlike blacklight from LED screens, front light helps ease eye strain, boosting your efficiency while ensuring comfort.

Panoramic ePaper Display: Elevating Your Focus Above All

As a 16:9 desktop E Ink monitor, Mira Pro was born for those who spend hours staring at the screens. The sizeable 25.3'' display homes everything from your documents, websites, and applications. With ample space, you can arrange the layout or adjust the font size to the extent you feel most comfortable with. The 3200*1800 resolution delivers crisp text, reminiscent of reading a freshly printed newspaper. For tasks demanding unwavering concentration, the monochrome display silences distractions of colorful images, notifications, or any irrelevant content. In this black-and-white area, you can entirely focus on the meaning between lines of words or code.

BOOX Super Refresh: Speedy Response to A Fluid Workflow

Miro Pro is armed with our exclusive BOOX Super Refresh (BSR), a technology to enhance the refresh performance and image quality of ePaper products. Through the efficient power allocations of hardware and software, Mira Pro provides swift responses and sharp visuals. There are four preset modes to assist you in different tasks: Normal Mode, Text Mode, Video Mode, and Slideshow Mode, ensuring buttery browsing with the least ghosting or crispest text when you're typing. To fit your personal workflow, you can customize your own modes by adjusting the refresh speed, dark color, and light color on Mira software; and you can add shortcuts to switch between different modes.

Easy Connect: All-device Linking and Multi-angle Viewing

To expand your view on all kinds of gadgets, Mira Pro incorporates 5 different ports such as HDMI, Mini HDMI, USB Type C, DP, and DC. You can connect it with devices from computers and tablets to smartphones with popular systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. Only with easy steps, your ingenious design and out-of-the-box thinking can be shown on a larger canvas. Supported by an adjustable ergonomic stand, Mira Pro can be tilted to different angles, adjusted to various heights, and rotated 90 degrees clockwise for a vertical display. Moreover, it can be connected by a standard VESA interface for a tailored viewing experience, enabling you to work and study in the most relaxed posture.

5 Different Ports for Easy Connect

It's time to put down eye-straining LCD screens and replace them with a front-lit ePaper monitor. Learn more about Mira Pro (Frontlight Versoin) and present your ideas in a broader way.

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