Note Air3 C and Palma Grab The Media Spotlight

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In the ever-evolving world of E Ink devices, we're proud to share that two of our flagship models, the BOOX Note Air3 C and the BOOX Palma, have become media favorites. Their innovative features have not only attracted a following among users like you but have also garnered attention and praise from tech reviewers and media alike. Let’s delve into what makes them so unique and capture the hearts of many. 

BOOX Note Air3 C: A Color ePaper Notebook for Enhanced Productivity

BOOX Note Air3 C stands out as the bestselling Color ePaper among our offerings. Equipped with a 10.3-inch E Ink Carta 1200 and Kaleido 3 color screen, the Note Air3 C emerges as a vibrant canvas for the E Ink realm, bringing your text and images to vivid life. The color screen, coupled with the device’s advanced 2.4Ghz octa-core CPU, enables you to dive into graphic novels, comics, or any color-rich content with an immersive and enjoyable experience.

BOOX Note Air3 C with Kaleido3 screen

The Note Air3 C isn't just an eReader; it's a leap forward in digital note-taking, boasting a rather satisfying handwriting feel as recognized by PC Mag. With the included stylus, you can jot down notes, draw sketches, or annotate documents with precision and responsiveness. The pen moves smoothly across the textured screen with minimal input lag, just like writing on paper. And BOOX’s Smart Scribe features such as shape perfection and lasso recognition make digital note-taking as intuitive as the real thing.

Enjoy the paperlike feel on Note Air3 C

This striking ePaper notebook also shines when you multitask, thanks to its split-screen feature. It effectively converges the roles of a reader, notebook, and productivity tool into one. Whether you are a student looking to enrich your study notes with vibrant colors, a professional organizing tasks, or a creative alike engaging in brainstorming, the Note Air3 C serves as a powerful tool to unleash your imagination and boost your productivity.

"Once you get the Note Air3 C, you won't need another notebook," as stated by MakeUseOf, highlighting its functionality. Android Police praises it as "A true productivity companion device instead of simply an e-reader, filling the void between tablet and e-reader."

BOOX Palma: A Phone-Shaped Mobile ePaper for On-the-Go Convenience

The BOOX Palma is perfect for those moments when you require the utmost portability without sacrificing the quality of your reading experience. With a sleek 6.3" phone-shaped form factor, the Palma slips effortlessly into your pocket and can be comfortably held in the palm of your hand, delivering a highly mobile reading experience. Its lightweight and compact build makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go reading, whether commuting, traveling, or simply taking a break from work. Joel from Lifehacker is a fan, saying it's "a nearly perfect phone-sized eReader, and certainly the best eReader I’ve used."

BOOX Palma

Despite its compact size, the Palma does not compromise on reading comfort and performance. It features an E Ink Carta 1200 display with a crisp 300ppi resolution for faster response, higher contrast ratio and sharper text—because your eyes deserve the comfort. The integrated light sensor automatically adjusts the dual tone frontlights according to ambient conditions you’re in, ensuring optimal readability even in dim lighting.

Holding Palma comfortably

Plus, empowered by an advanced octa-core CPU and high-speed 6GB RAM, the Palma lets you handle a variety of tasks with ease, from reading ebooks to listening to audiobooks, browsing the internet, or perusing your favorite news feeds from any third-party app. And with 128GB of storage space and the option to expand further via a microSD card, space for libraries of books, documents, and audio materials is never an issue.

"It's hard to imagine a more perfect small e-reader than the Onyx Boox Palma," comments Android Central. And we're very happy to hear from eWritable sharing that "Palma became my primary handheld device. Almost everything I used to do on the phone, I could now do on the Palma."

The Tech Secrets Behind BOOX Note Air3 C & Palma

These two devices, along with the entire BOOX E Ink tablet range, operate on the open Android system so you get unmatched freedom to customize and enjoy a wide range of third-party apps from the Google Play Store. It’s this feature that’s earning a thumbs up from just about every media outlet out there.

Enjoy Android apps on BOOX tablet

Another pioneering innovation that has won widespread acclaim is the BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology, unveiled in 2022, designed to enhance the refresh performance and image quality while minimizing ghosting. You can pick the perfect refresh mode for whatever you're doing on screen—ranging from HD to Balanced, Fast and Ultrafast. It's all designed to give you a silky-mooth, lag-free reading experience that feels just right.

BOOX Super Refresh Technology

In the end, we're beyond delighted to see the Note Air3 C and Palma earn places in the hearts of tech community, and we can't thank you enough for all the love and shoutouts we've received from media friends around the globe. This kind of acknowledgement is not just a nod to our current achievements, but it's a huge motivation for us to keep getting better and to continue bringing you amazing products.

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