Tips to Protect the E Ink Screen of Your BOOX Device (and Why You Should)

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E Ink stands out as a screen technology with characteristics that distinguish it from the more commonly used LCD and LED screens. In this article, we will introduce some valuable tips on safeguarding and preserving your E Ink screen during your daily activities, so that you can better enjoy the benefits that it brings us.

Why Should You Take Good Care of the E Ink Screen?

E Ink (short for "electronic ink") is the technology behind electronic paper displays commonly used in eReaders and ePaper devices. It simulates the appearance of ink on paper and provides a reading experience that is easy on the eyes and has low power consumption.

Compared to traditional LCD and LED screens, the basic building block of an E Ink display is tiny microcapsules, which are sandwiched between two transparent layers. This unique structure renders the E Ink screen highly sensitive, setting it apart from other tablets and smartphones which many may assume to have the same durability.

E Ink screen structure

However, there are some sources of potential damage that users should be mindful of:

  1. Sudden Impact: Accidental drops and scratches can lead to significant damage to the E Ink screen and the device's overall structure.

  2. Inadvertent, Uneven External Pressure: Small objects like keys and pens that are often carried alongside the device can exert pressure on the screen when placed together.

  3. Internal Pressure: Extreme environmental temperatures can cause internal pressure changes within the device, potentially affecting its components, including the E Ink screen.

Broken E Ink screens

The Reinforced Screen Design

To provide additional protection and minimize impacts that is directly applied to the screen, we have already employed various crafting techniques in the manufacturing process for each device when incorporating the E Ink screen. For the Note Air2 Plus, the vertical pressing of the display, screen layers, and aluminum case creates a robust and sturdy structure. Similarly, with the Tab Ultra, the full-laminated display design and the use of a 50% thinner touch layer showcase an optimized screen construction with improved light transmittance.

BOOX Note Air2 Plus exploded view

Even with our efforts to reinforce the screen, it is still important to adopt proactive measures to protect the E Ink screen in your daily life due to the fragility of the screen.

How to Protect Your Device in Daily Life?

#1 – Use a Protective Case

BOOX offers a wide range of accessories including official protective cases for each model. Crafted from premium and durable materials, they provide a highly effective solution to shield the devices from impacts and accidental drops while maintaining a lightweight and sleek profile.

#2 – Store in a Cushioned Compartment

When stowing your device in a purse or backpack, we highly recommend placing it in a separate compartment that is equipped with additional cushioning or other protection. This helps to avoid direct contact with any sharp edges or pointed items, such as keys, pens, etc., which could potentially scratch or dent the device's screen or body.

#3 – Handle with Extra Care

When holding your device, exercise caution to prevent any accidental impacts or drops that may result in damage. Furthermore, please note that the majority of BOOX devices are not waterproof, so it is essential to be cautious of any potential exposure to water, such as unexpected splashes or spills.

BOOX Note Air2 Plus with protective cover
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