What Makes BOOX Stand Out as a Powerful Note-Taker

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E Ink technologies are favored by enthusiasts for their eye-friendly screens and ultra-long battery life. BOOX has always been one of the outstanding choices in the industry for its all-round functions and personalization options compared to other competitors. Here we will introduce 5 reasons why BOOX stands out as a powerful note-taker.

#1 – Versatile Note-Taking Tools

In the built-in Notes app, users can customize up to 5 brushes including pen, brush pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, and marker, with the selection of 16 colors and up to 25 degrees of line width. With 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the line width of the stroke will be obviously reflected by pressing lightly or hard with the stylus.

boox brushes

What's more, you can also choose the stroke eraser to erase the whole stroke to make your editing effortless. Up to 5 layers can also be customized so that you can edit your notes without interfering with contents on other layers.

boox erasers

With constant firmware updates, the Notes app provides even more powerful tools than ever before. You can use handwriting recognition (AI tool) to easily transform your handwritten notes into text. You can also insert recordings, pictures, attachments, and links to an internal page or an external website as you wish to make your notes look vivid.

boox handwriting recognition

In addition to independent notepads, the NeoReader has full in-book note-taking compatibilities with nearly all popular ebook formats including reflowable documents (EPUB, MOBI, TXT...) fixed-layout documents (PDF, DJVU, PPT...) and comic files (CBR, CBZ...) without any conversion or inserting sticky notes to let you easily scribble in the margin.

boox in-book note-taking

#2 – Multiple Input Methods

Besides the most common way of the on-screen keyboard, the built-in Onyx keyboard also offers handwriting recognition and speech recognition as alternative input methods by using a stylus or a microphone. You can also achieve a faster typing speed by connecting an external Bluetooth keyboard.

boox multiple input methods

#3 – Free Cloud Storage

BOOX is committed to providing 5GB of cloud storage for every registered user to sync all reading data and notes to the cloud across their devices. You can also check your reading data and notes which are synced to the cloud on your computer or smartphone on the go.

boox free cloud storage

#4 – Open Android System

Thanks to the open Android-based OS, BOOX devices allow you to take the liberty of installing any third-party app that makes your workflow extra efficient, including your note-taking platforms, productivity tools, and input apps specifically designed for your native language.

boox open android system

#5 – Comprehensive Full-Size Lineup

BOOX is a proud manufacturer in the global market that supplies a full range of E Ink tablets from 6" to 13.3", with note-taking capabilities for models from entry-level 7.8" Nova Series to advanced 10.3" Note Series, A4-sized 13.3" Max Lumi Series and, needless to say, the color E Ink models such as Nova Air C to provide a colorful note-taking and illustrating experience. Every customer can easily find the most suitable eNote devices for themselves.

boox comprehensive full-size lineup
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