BOOX Firmware V3.2

Developed to offer an intuitive and efficient experience on BOOX.
More friendly interface
Improved stability
Cost-free new features
Essential feature updates

Refreshing UI, Clear Settings

V3.2 redefines and simplifies the device settings to offer a more intuitive user interface.
Drop-down Menu
Settings Panel
Application Settings
The system drop-down menu is re-designed and splits into three parts: the Notification Center, the Control Panel and the E Ink center. So you can identify messages at a glance and adjust more settings all at once.
The Settings panel has been rearranged to bring the most-used features up to the front so that you can change the gestures settings, the language and the password with one tap.
The Applications settings are moved to the Applications panel. They offer some new options to help you manage your built-in and third-party applications better.

Better Third-Party App Compatibility

V3.2 makes BOOX more compatible with third-party note-taking apps. And it offers more custom settings to help you use and view the apps more effortlessly.

Write faster on OneNote/WPS/Evernote

With V3.2 optimizations, you can sketch on Microsoft OneNote, Evernote and WPS without feeling much latency and use their basic brushes to visualize your ideas.

More Flexible App Optimization

You can customize the display and refresh of an app and set up the color performance of its fonts, icons, covers and background. So every bit and inch of an application gets the best display on BOOX.

Simplified Workflow

V3.2 also offers more productivity features and integrates them into your workflow.

Two-way transfer between PC and BOOX

With the new built-in BOOXDrop, you can easily transfer ebooks and notes back to PC and send files to BOOX. And it's way faster.

Portrait Split Screen

The split-screen used to be displayed horizontally, but now you can choose the vertical split to make the screen more suitable for your workflow.

Export Notes as vector PDFs

By exporting handwritten notes as vector PDFs, you can edit them on PC and NeoReader. No matter how large you magnify your hand-drawn strokes, they won’t lose a bit of pixel.

Safe and Personalized Account System

BOOX devices can remember all Onyx accounts that have been logged in. And each account can only see their notes. In this way, you can share the E Ink tablet with your team and family while keeping your notes private.

What You Get with V3.2 Firmware

Stabilized Cloud Service

The cloud synchronization gets more stabilized now to sync your notes safely and quickly. And you can get a 10GB cloud storage for free¹ to store your notes.

All New Features For Free

No additional costs. No subscriptions. All enhanced and new features in V3.2 arrive at you for free, including OneNote handwriting improvement, BOOXDrop and more.

More User-friendly Interface

The settings and menu get re-designed to give you a more intuitive interface. So BOOX tablets become easier to use and more enjoyable to view.

Smoother Experiences

The latest firmware offers a smoother performance by fixing various bugs of the previous version. And we offer continual firmware updates² to improve your experience.
Check out the full V3.2 changelog of your BOOX device.

The V3.2 features may vary in different models.

Smooth Your Update Experience

BOOX Firmware V3.2 is compatible with these devices.

To check if your device pairs with the V3.2, please visit And we'll update the firmware release information on our social channels. Please stay tuned.

1. BOOX is committed to offering 10GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 10GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.

2. BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every BOOX user can get improved experiences through continual updates.

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