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We started with a question, "how can we help people study and work productively without eyestrains?"
Twenty years ago, people managed to obtain knowledge with few resources and limited digital tools. So BOOX, pronounced as "books,” was born. With our first eReader coming out in 2009, we intend to bring fundamental changes to people's work and study.

Believe in the Power of Innovation

Starting as a designer brand, we used Linux as the built-in system and gained our reputation in PDF functionality. To fulfill more user demands, we boldly changed our operating system to the less-learned Android in 2011. Giving up a well-built base, we resolutely started from scratch to build a more productive tool for our users.

Overcome Challenges to Gain Strengths

Things didn't go smoothly at the beginning. But we pushed the limit and spent seven years making our E Ink devices compatible with higher Android versions. So our users can read 17 ebook formats and take notes on a paperlike screen with various digital tools. And with a mature Android system, users can install third-party apps to explore deeper into the world.

Driven by Users, for Users

BOOX users always want to do better in work, study and life. Their beliefs and a positive mindset are rooted in our brand values and help us go further. So we faced challenges, experienced falls and went through difficulties. And we never gave up meeting more needs, innovating new features, and growing with our users.

Our Values

Aspiring Persistent Innovational

Build the Best Products

Since 2008, we've been working to build the most powerful E Ink devices in the market. They can relieve your digital eyestrains, but they also help you achieve better results in your tasks. We constantly iterate our products to make them perform better and adapt to more users' needs.

Always Improve for Better

We have overcome many difficulties and have made our commitment to users. So persistence is a critical factor in our development. And that's why we promise at least 3-year firmware updates for every product and 10GB of free cloud storage for every user. Every improvement is the result of persistence and commitment.

Not Bound By Conventions

We made the first 13.3" E Ink tablet with front lights (Max Lumi) and the first 10.3" digital paperlike tablet with ultimate flexibility (Note Air2). Breaking the record with many first-seen products and disrupting the E Ink products, we have never been trapped by the conventions of design, firmware and software. Where there's user need, there's BOOX.


Nova Air C
The most advanced color eReader Nova Air C
The first 13.3’’ and 25.3’’ E Ink monitor Mira Series
The most paperlike and flexible 10.3’’ E Ink tablet, Note Air2
Note Air2
Max Lumi
Note Air
The first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with front lights and Android 10, Max Lumi
The thinnest 10.3’’ Android 10 digital tablet, Note Air
Android 9 E Ink tablets Max3 and Note2
10.3’’ E Ink tablet with the handwriting pressure sensitivity of 4,096 levels, Note
The first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with writing capability in the globe, Max2
The first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet globally, Max
Our first eReader based on Android, C65
Our first 9.7" eReader with an electromagnetic stylus, M90
Our first 6" eReader with an electromagnetic stylus, A60
Our story began.

Make A Difference for Everyone

Everyone can improve productivity in life and work. And every business can optimize their product lines. We just make the difference happen easily.


If you're struggling with eyestrains and productivity, we're here to help. With our Android ePaper products and monitors, you can work and study effortlessly and flexibly.


Our E Ink devices can help companies save more on paper, connect with each other easily, and leverage digital power to improve work efficiency. Learn more today.


We have helped many clients expand their ePaper product lines and customize E Ink products. If you need efficient solutions for ePaper, please don't hesitate to learn more and get in touch.

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