BOOX Shop Anniversary Sale is Here

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We're thrilled to announce that our BOOX Shop Anniversary Sale starts today, from March 8th to 24th. During this special event, you can enjoy a $20 or $50 discount on all orders totaling no less than $300 or $600 at the global store, using the codes: BOOX20 and BOOX50, respectively. These discounts are also valid in the euro shop.

For those unsure where to start, we recommend exploring our great deal, the Note Air3 series tablet paired with the Pen2Pro stylus. Opting for this bundle entitles you to a $20 discount on the Note Air3 series tablet and a 50% discount on the Premium Pen2Pro stylus.

The Monochrome ePaper Notebook to Improve Focus

The Note Air3 builds upon its predecessor, the Note Air2 Plus, with various enhancements that cater to individuals who value smoother experience, long battery life, and hassle-free note-taking. This sleek and ultra-thin 5.8mm monochrome ePaper tablet is meticulously engineered to help users improve their focus and concentration.

BOOX monochrome ePaper tablet

With its large E ink Carta 1200 display, the Note Air3 delivers crisp images and exceptional contrast, ensuring that all content appears sharp and clear. Whether you're jotting down important notes or reading for extended periods, the eye-friendly display provides lessen eye strain and enhanced readability. Additionally, the tablet is equipped with a powerful 3700mAh battery, capable of lasting up to 4 weeks in stand mode, providing users with long-lasting performance and uninterrupted productivity.

The Note Air3's minimalist and distraction-free design, combined with its slim form factor and robust note-taking capabilities, caters to individuals who prioritize focus and productivity. Whether you're a professional needing to concentrate on tasks in a fast-paced work environment or a student looking to enhance study sessions, the Note Air3 is the perfect companion for those seeking an efficient and seamless note-taking experience.

The Versatile Color ePaper Notebook with BSR

The Note Air3 C is a cutting-edge color ePaper tablet that goes beyond traditional note-taking devices. Equipped with the revolutionary BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology, this innovative tablet offers users the flexibility of choosing from four different refresh modes to optimize speed and performance according to their needs. The BSR technology not only minimizes afterimages but also ensures a seamless and smooth reading experience when viewing colorful content.

BOOX Versatile Color ePaper Tablet

Featuring the advanced Kaleido 3 screen, the color ePaper notebook presents users with an array of soft and soothing hues. These mellow colors make organizing, emphasizing, and highlighting important information a breeze, unlocking new levels of creativity on ePaper. Whether you're a student aiming to enhance your study notes with hints of colors, or professional utilize it for planning, brainstorming, and creative work, the Note Air3 C empowers you to unleash your imagination and explore new possibilities in digital note-taking.

The Note Air3 Series Made for Reading and Writing

Both the Note Air3 and Note Air3 C tablets are part of the Note Air3 series, offering users a thin and elegant design along with advanced features to support note-taking and versatility. The Note Air3 series tablets boast a large 10.3-inch screen, providing ample space for comfortable reading and writing experiences. The devices are designed with a wide grip that ensures an ergonomic and eye-friendly reading experience, as well as an authentic pen-to-paper writing feel.

BOOX Paperlike E Ink Tablets

Powered by a high-performance 2.4GHz Octa-core CPU, and versatile Android 12 operating system, offering smooth performance and the flexibility to access a wide range of apps. Additionally, they are equipped with the latest BOOX firmware, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

In essence, these versatile ePaper notepads are designed to serve as an ideal replacement for traditional paper notebooks. With their digital functionalities and features, users can enjoy the benefits of a paperless workflow while maintaining the tactile experience of writing on paper.

Thank you for being by our side - we couldn't have come this far without you! Save up to $50 during the BOOX Shop Anniversary Sale.

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