BOOX Go 10.3: A Perfect Blend of Minimalism, Flexibility, and High-Performance for Businesses

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BOOX has revolutionized the ePaper tablet landscape with the launch of the Go 10.3, a 10.3-inch monochrome ePaper notepad with a stunning 300 PPI resolution. Designed for the modern creative minds, this tablet goes beyond traditional limits, seamlessly blending minimalist design with advanced technology that can elevate the way your employees work.

Minimalism & Simplicity that Match with Business Settings

The BOOX Go 10.3 embodies the essence of minimalism with its clean, grayish-white design. Devoid of front panel buttons and with neatly aligned ports, it reflects the streamlined approach that your business demands. This simplicity is a statement of purpose that clears away distractions and focuses on what truly matters – be it deep work, strategic thinking, or creative concepting.

The device's paper-like experience, complete with a notebook strap pattern on the back and the clean panel, brings the comfort of traditional note-taking into the digital realm, offering a familiar yet more advanced tool for your team.

minimalist look of BOOX Go 10.3

Paper-like Display and Next-level Clarity for Outdoor Work

The Go 10.3 features an enhanced display for clear visibility, and with a 4.6mm paper-thin design, it keeps your employees inspired while on the move — especially when using the tablet outdoors. With its monochrome E Ink display and an industry-leading 300ppi resolution, it offers an incredible viewing experience that is sharp, clear, and gentle on the eyes, akin to reading from actual paper.

Specifically crafted to enhance visibility in bright sunlight without a front light layer, the Go 10.3's anti-glare screen ensures clarity outdoors and minimizes troubling reflections. This feature is particularly beneficial for workers who need to conduct fieldwork, frontline inspections, or on-site project management in the very environment where traditional LCD/OLED screens often falter.

Go 10.3 clear display outdoors

Unleash Creativity with Precision Tools

The Go 10.3 is a powerhouse for creative minds. The included Pen Plus makes it easier and more enjoyable to capture ideas with precision, whether for sketching or jotting down thoughts. Equipped with intuitive art tools, such as Smart Scribe, it allows for the swift creation of precise shapes and lines, enabling your people to fully immerse in their work and finish graphic designs and art projects with an efficiency that traditional paper cannot match. The Lasso tool further enhances organization, giving users the freedom to move and manage notes with ease.

unleash creativity with BOOX

Unmatched Flexibility & Power for the Workplace

Powered by an octa-core processor, the Go 10.3 delivers robust performance that maximizes user experience and enables seamless multitasking. Coupled with the open Android 12 OS, it provides unlimited access to a vast array of third-party apps from the Google Play Store. This flexibility allows your team members to use any of their preferred productivity apps to seamlessly integrate into their current workflow, meeting the specific demands of work projects.

Android apps on BOOX Go 10.3

Tailored for Today’s Mobile Business Needs

Designed to keep work moving in the office, field or frontline, the Go 10.3 offers excellent connectivity features that help your team stay on task and in touch, enabling them to create notes and share ideas via email, cloud services, and real-time collaborative tools such as Google Docs.

An ample storage of 4GB+64GB and a powerful 3700mAh battery are engineered to enhance the usability of Go 10.3. All these features are packed in a 4.6mm ultra-thin and 375g paper-light design that opens more possibilities on the go.

Prepare Your Businesses for New Possibilities

At BOOX, we aim to provide our customers with more options to pick the right device that suits their unique needs. We are dedicated to developing new features, innovating cutting-edge ePaper technologies, and evolving with our users.

The BOOX Go 10.3, as an ultra-thin ePaper notepad with robust performance, is designed for professionals to get things done on the go. Integrating the Go 10.3 into your business operations could also open up possibilities for improved workflows and enhanced communication. This would boost employee satisfaction and fuel your business's growth.

The all-new Go 10.3 is now available for business customers. Shop for the product at the official BOOX shop, or contact our sales team for bulk pricing and personalized solutions.

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