5 Things That Consumers Like About BOOX Nova3 Color

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Since the Nova3 Color met the consumers in March, it soon becomes the top-1 choice among Android color eReaders. Nova3 Color offers a DIY experience for users with the ultimate customizability and makes the colorful content more joyful. At the same time, it protects people's eyes from harmful blue light.


If you’re on the fence about buying a color eReader, check out how consumers in the BOOX Shop think about Nova3 Color and get some valuable insights.

Content Becomes More Joyful on A Colorful Eye-friendly Screen

BOOX Nova3 Color uses a color E Ink screen. It packs the merits of electronic ink: eye-friendly, power-efficient, and paper-like. As it can show colors, the content on it becomes even more joyful with all the hues showing up.


Using the latest E Ink Kaleido Plus screen, Nova3 Color can show 4,096 soft and relaxing colors. One of the customers at BOOX Shop said: “I love my nova color. It makes me even want to read text BOOX.” Colors make everything vivid. Long scientific articles with colorful graphs are more readable on Nova Color. And monotonous reports get a better understanding with the red, green, and more colorful annotations and hand-writing notes.


Moreover, Nova3 Color is much more eye-friendly compared to a standard LED/LCD tablet. Like a consumer once said: “Still, I can say the experience is very similar to the Kindle Paperwhite and has not caused any of the eye strain issues I was experiencing with my phone and iPad previously.”

A Great Device for Colorful Comics

Colors on BOOX Nova3 Color are just like the water painting colors or the colors on the newspaper. It’s soft and can render a retro style for comic books. That’s why so many consumers use Nova3 Coor to read comics.


As a versatile device with powerful reading tools, users can open PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CBR, CBZ, FB2 and more formats on Nova3 Color. A consumer at BOOX Shop commented on Nova3 Color with the title “Great ereader not only for books but comics and mangas as well.” Another customer also said he didn't expect IPS OLED quality, but Nova3 Color is functional. It already gives an extra dimension and matches with most comics.

Multi-platform and Multi-app Friendly

Based on Android 10, Nova3 Color distinguishes itself with ultimate flexibility. Users can use not only the built-in handy apps, such as NeoReader and Notes, but also a bunch of third-party reading and news apps.


Many Nova3 Color consumers open a new horizon for using eReaders. They used to be bound with a single ecosystem, such as Amazon Kindle and Kobo, but they’ve got a lot more choices now with Nova3 Color.


“Very multi-platform friendly, which is rare, about all the other brands more or less oblige you to stick with their ecosystem, onyx doesn't, finally, an adult approach ... and surprise, I use the onyx neoreader as much as possible, but if necessary I can easily switch to (shudder) kindle”, well said by a Nova3 Color user.


And he’s not the only one who thinks so. Another customer at BOOX Shop also feels surprised and amazed that he can “access full Android apps.”

Unexpected Functionality in a Color eReader and Note-taker

In addition to using multiple apps and platforms, Nova3 Color makes reading, writing, and even work and study more convenient and efficient.

A Nova3 Color review at the BOOX Shop says: "Great e-ink tablet! It has a lot of functionalities (for writing, reading, even browsing) either for work than for relaxation. Colors are nice and, overall, it has a great handy writing mode (like smooth pen and paper)."


Besides the unexpected functionality, a student user believes that Nova3 Color is very fast for a book reader device. He loves using a browser and sketching and taking notes on PDFs, which is great for students. “Best E-Ink device,” his comment’s title wrote.

Ultimate Customizability

For consumers who love to customize and configure things, Nova3 Color offers the ultimate potential for customization.


Besides customizing color contrast, brightness and saturation, users can also alleviate ghosting by settings, adjust canvas size in the built-in Notes app, adjust book layout in the default NeoReader. A customer at BOOX Shop wrote: “There are so many options for the Note App and Reader that it is worth digging them.”

Wrap Up

Nova3 Color is an excellent device for the consumers who love the soft colors on color E Ink, who love reading comics with retro colors, who want to try out an Android device with reading and news apps, and who love to customize things.


Nova3 Color is totally different from color LED/LCD tablets. It’s colorful, fun, and eye-friendly, which makes it so unique and worth trying.


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