Digital Nomad's Sidekick: Roam, Work, and Play with BOOX Tablets

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To embrace freedom in open environments without the confines of traditional offices, more people are choosing digital nomadism for a better work-life balance. Though it's tempting to chase endless summers or learn about different cultures, various challenges persist.

While technology makes it possible for remote work, it doesn't address all issues. Bulky PCs, tablets, and their tangled cable chargers clutter our backpacks. Extended screen time causes eye strain. Not to mention it's easy to get distracted when you need to work in noisy places. And that is where BOOX Tablet comes in to help.

BOOX Note Air3 C

Svelte Design: Take Your Journey Further

For digital nomads, the space in the luggage is as precious as time. Once clothes and travel docs are packed, there's little room left for gadgets. The BOOX Note Air3 series features a 5.8mm thickness, occupying little space in suitcases or carry-on bags. From hotels to workspaces to planes, these tablets can accompany you wherever you go. For professions that require instant recording and noting, a sleek ePaper tablet provides invaluable support. Weighing merely 450g, it's perfect for journalists, translators, and field scientists who are always on the move. Its asymmetric design offers a comfortable grip. Together with a magnetic stylus, you can swiftly grab it to jot down important data and thoughts.

Color ePaper with soothing hues

Wander with Ease: Eye-Caring and Battery-Enduring

In a traditional office, you'll have face-to-face communication with colleagues from time to time. When embracing digital nomadism, all the collaborations take place online. To alleviate the eye discomfort brought by increased screen time, a tablet with a paperlike display is an option second to none. The screen of BOOX devices is akin to ivory paper, offering a serene visual experience, tailor-made for digital nomads working as copywriters, independent consultants, and web developers. Another edge that sets ePaper apart from its LCD competitors is its battery life. With one charge, it lasts longer than common tablets, taking you through multiple work and study sessions without the anxiety of running out of power.

 Silence distractions and regain focus

Cut the Noise: Power Your Focus Anywhere

Another hassle for digital nomads is the distractions from online and offline owing to ever-changing workplaces. You might need to work in Cafés full of soft conversations, or trains that expose you to engine sounds. Using a common PC or tablet only exacerbates the issue, as the notifications pop-up will get you out of a flow state. BOOX ePaper silences these noises and helps you regain focus. Its paperlike screen mimics the feeling of reading a high-quality printed book, creating a peaceful vibe. When you are writing, you can enjoy the subtle drag as well as the soft rustle of pen on paper. These delicate sounds and textures promote quick concentration, igniting endless ideas.

Tab Ultra C Pro

Open System: Work and Leisure All-in-one

BOOX Tablet is nothing like any E Ink gadget you know. Running on an open Android OS, it can do far more than just reading. With the built-in Google Play Store, you can download any apps you need for work and fun. Devices like our Tab Ultra C Pro, powered by an Octa-Core CPU, serve you as a potent workstation. You can reply to emails, use Slack to coordinate with coworkers, and manage thoughts on Notion. Our BSR technology lets you tweak refresh rates for various use cases, ensuring a snappy response and the optimal display. After wrapping up work tasks, close the work app, tap to open a book, and immerse yourself in reading with the gentle sea breeze, seamlessly transitioning from work to leisure.


Roam freely between urban chaos and rural tranquility, while efficiently managing work tasks in the digital realm. With BOOX Tablets, every day moves forward, and every moment inspires.

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