BOOX Nova Air C with Kaleido Plus On-Cell: The Most Paperlike Color E Ink Reader You Can Never Miss

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We released our latest 7.8" color eReader Nova Air C on 23 March. And this device is our first eReader that uses a Kaleido™️ Plus screen with an On-Cell Touch module to provide a color paperlike experience and the best color performance to date.

Better Color Performance with On-Cell Touch

On-Cell Touch is a new technology developed by E Ink company. It integrates the touch-sensitive panel into the ePaper. So it can dramatically improve the optical performance of an E Ink screen.


Take the latest BOOX Nova Air C as an example, it uses the latest Kaleido™️ Plus screen, which shows 3 times better colors than the previous Kaleido™️. Combining the On-Cell Touch, it can display extra 30% better color contrast and 15% better saturation with the front lights on. 



With front lights on, Nova Air C is 30% better in color contrast and 15% better in color saturation than the previous screen.


Even if you turn off the front lights, Kaleido™️ Plus with On-Cell still enhances contrast and saturation by 6% and 14% respectively, compared to the one without the laminated touch layer.



Nova Air C with front light off can show more color details than the previous screen.


So when you look at the Nova Air C, you can find the colors are richer. Even though they’re not comparable to an iPad mini, they’re way more comfortable to see.

The Recognized Paperlike Color E Ink Screen

Recently, TÜV Rheinland Greater China ("TÜV Rheinland"), the international testing, inspection and certification body, presented E Ink color ePaper with both the "Paper Like Display" Quality-mark and China-mark.


This means the color E Ink screen on the Nova Air C is similar to the actual paper, bringing users a relaxing viewing experience. 




The screen of Nova Air C is close to a color paper.


And the similarity is recognized by TÜV Rheinland. According to its Paper Similarity Index (PSI), ​​Kaleido™ Plus, as used on Nova Air C, has the highest PSI rating of 86 in the comparable products in the market.


Therefore, if you’re looking for a color eReader that looks like a color ePaper, you can miss out on the Nova Air C.

With Refreshing Cold and Cozy Warm Front Lights

The outstanding color rendering and close-to-paper display are not the only merits Nova Air C gets. It makes the colors suitable in more use cases with the dual-tone front lights.


For the first time in our color products, you can use both warm and cold lights. The warm lights on Nova Air C are cozy to make your bedtime reading more comfortable. And the cold lights light up the screen on a cloudy day to make the tasks look refreshing. Both lights are adjustable, fitting into every environment. Now, the colors have just become more feasible with Nova Air C.



Nova Air C with both warm and cold front lights.

The Most Paperlike and Feasible Color eReader

With Android 11, advanced color screen and dual-color front lights, Nova Air C is the most paperlike and practical color E Ink tablet in the market. It shows the charms of colors when empowering your reading and light note-taking. Moreover, you’re free to install the apps you like on it.


The Nova Air C is now available at our store with an early bird bundle ending soon.







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