Tab Ultra vs. Tab Ultra C: BOOX 10.3'' ePaper Tablet PCs for Multitasking

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The BOOX Tab Ultra Series comes in two models: Tab Ultra and Tab Ultra C. They're a hybrid of eReader and tablet with writing capabilities. You may be wondering about the key differences and benefits they offer.
In this article, we’ll compare and go through these two top-notch E Ink tablets to guide you further.

Different Screens: Carta HD vs. Kaleido 3

The key difference between these two devices is the screen.
Tab Ultra features a 10.3 inch E Ink Carta HD display and offers clear advantages over traditional ePaper technologies like LEDs and LCDs. So when you get a Tab Ultra, you can expect sharper text and greater contrast that is way more pleasing to see. It also offers a glare-free display, so you can use it under any lighting conditions. Its superior outdoor visibility ensures that you can read even in direct sunlight.
Reading with Tab Ultra
The Tab Ultra C, compared to the Tab Ultra, offers a color screen while maintaining the same easy-to-read conditions. It features a 10.3-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 color ePaper display. With over 4096 combinations, it provides rich colors and reduces reflected blue light. When using Tab Ultra C, you can highlight important points on a color paper-like screen with ease, and get a more fun, comfortable reading experience.
Color highlight with Tab Ultra C


The design of the Tab Ultra Series is sleek and modern. With a 6.7mm thickness of its body, it's portable and easy to hold. That makes them the perfect on-the-go E Ink tablets for anyone who needs digital note-taking capability.
Tab Ultra thickness
You can also experience an enhanced visual with the full-laminated display. Immerse yourself in a reading experience that is crisp, clear, and easy on the eyes with a 50% thinner touch layer and 30% better light transmittance.

Your Choice: Creativity or Productivity

But, which one is more suitable for you? When it comes to purchasing, one of the key considerations is whether to opt for a black-and-white display or a color display. Both options have their advantages and cater to different needs. A black-and-white display is often preferred by individuals who value productivity and focus. The monochromatic display of Tab Ultra reduces distractions, allowing users to focus on the task at hand. The lack of color also enhances the readability of text, making it easier on the eyes and reducing eye strain. That makes Tab Ultra ideal for prolonged usage and intensive work sessions. A student or professional who needs to focus on their reading material may find this useful.
Reading ebook on Tab Ultra
The Tab Ultra C, with its color display, offers a more vibrant and visually appealing reading experience, especially for individuals who enjoy graphic novels, magazines, or textbooks with colorful illustrations. Images and graphics in their full spectrum of colors enhance the overall reading experience. When using the Tab Ultra C, you can expect a more immersive and engaging feeling while reading. It is also an ideal component for creative individuals who enjoy sketching, drawing, or annotating documents. With colors, it unlocks new possibilities for artistic expression and productivity.
Sketching on Tab Ultra C

Stay Versatile and Productive

Apart from the difference in the display, both E Ink tablets share identical hardware specifications. With a powerful octa-core CPU, an exclusive GPU, and BSR Technology, they deliver exceptional performance and a smooth multitasking experience. You'll have ample storage space with a generous capacity of 128GB to save your files and run apps.
BOOX Super Refresh Technology
But that's not all. These tablets come with magnetic accessories. Whether you're an artist, a student, or a professional, the magnetic case with a built-in keyboard offers a versatile workstation that can boost your productivity. You can also unleash your creativity and enjoy a seamless writing and drawing experience with the Pen2Pro.
Tab Ultra in a magnetic case with the Pen2Pro


As mentioned above, the key difference between Tab Ultra C and Tab Ultra is the screen display. Tab Ultra C has a color screen, while Tab Ultra has a monochrome screen. And they both deliver a seamless multitasking experience and efficient performance.

The choice between the Tab Ultra and the Tab Ultra C depends on your preferences and specific needs. If the primary goal is to improve concentration and productivity, then Tab Ultra with a black-and-white display would be the ideal choice.

However, for those who want to dive into books and spark creativity, the Tab Ultra C with color display is the better option. Regardless of your choice, either the Tab Ultra or the Tab Ultra C provides an efficient and portable way to enjoy reading and finish tasks. This makes them valuable E Ink tablets for avid readers and professionals alike.

You can now purchase them with free accessories in our official BOOX Shop.
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