The Best Seller of E Ink Color Products

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Brands in the ePaper industry are shining like stars in the sky, and we are all working to make the ePaper category brighter. With our progress and the support of our users, we are honored to be awarded the Best Seller of E Ink Color Products of 2023 by E Ink Corporation. And this star is about to shine brighter, doing its best to spread the glow to more users.

We started to partner with E Ink since our establishment in 2008. And since then, we have been determined to become an innovative ePaper brand that will never settle for convention. With the introduction of breakthrough products and features during our growth, we finally saw the emergence of color ePaper. It was called Kaleido technology four years ago. Despite its youth, it had enormous potential. We couldn't wait to put it on our product and officially introduced it to our users in 2021 - if you remember the Nova3 Color.

Kaleido technology evolved into its most recent version, Kaleido 3, just as people mature as they grow older. We knew it was time. So, over the past year, we've integrated it into our most powerful tablets, including the Tab Ultra C, Tab Mini C, Tab Ultra C Pro, and best-selling Note Air3 C. These four products opened up a new world for both us and the users. We are overjoyed and excited to see our users reading comics on the Tab Mini C, browsing the web and taking notes on the Tab Ultra C Pro, and writing down their next goals and destinations on the Note Air3 C. All of the content is in color and presented in an eye-friendly screen. The same comfort, but more enjoyable and wonderful than ever.BOOX Color Tablets

This is the new color ePaper era. We could not have done it without our partnership with E Ink and the trust of our users. The award motivated us, but more importantly, we know we can make a difference by introducing such an eye-friendly technology to more people. Every tap on our screen, every comment on our products, and every social media post from users contributes to the growth of ePaper and BOOX tablets and tells more people that there is a second option for productivity. We are all stars, and together, we brighten the sky.

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