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2021 is a year full of bitterness and sweetness. The endless global pandemic affected every one of us. At the same time, people struggled to get back to everyday life and even made life more beautiful with what we had and what we could create. 


In 2021, as a company and manufacturer, we faced a material shortage. But as a brand that so many users love, we still crushed the year with 8 new products, a new monitor lineup and two major firmware updates


When looking back to 2021, we’re reminded that we couldn’t have walked so long without your fondness, feedback, and faith in us. And because of each of you in the BOOX community, we can grow and thrive, regardless of the challenges.


Now it’s time to recap 2021 and let’s see what we achieved and went through with you in the past year.

The Most Innovative Products

In 2021, we thought out of the “boox” and released four models that surprised our customers: Nova3 Color, Mira, Mira Pro, and Nova Air.


Nova3 Color is our first color eReader that uses the latest Kaleido Plus technology. Its 4,096 colors offer more fun than a standard monochrome E Ink screen. Because users can use colorful Android apps and 16 different colors to create vivid notes, artworks and annotations, it’s popular among the color E Ink world.


Besides colors, we also created a new product category—E Ink monitors. The Mira series E Ink monitors, including the 13.3’’ Mira and the 25.3’’ Mira Pro, feature clear screens, advanced refresh technology and highly customizable software. The two displays adopt a simplistic design and are created for long-time text viewing, typing and web browsing.




Another unexpected 7.8’’ device besides Nova3 Color is the Nova Air. It features a grey-ish casing, modern and sleek design, and super light weight of only 235g. And the most important of all, it’s the first writing tablet with an improved film on the screen. With the white magnetic BOOX Pen, a lightweight body, and a close-to-paper screen, users can enjoy handwriting and great portability with this E Ink tablet. 


With loads of helpful features, Nova Air is selected among thousands of products and named as “the Best e-Reader” in “The 2021 Esquire Gadget Awards” by Esquire.


The Most Expected Tablets

The Note Air2 and Max Lumi2 are at the top of the list.


Since our Note Air and Max Lumi release last September, we have collected a lot of user feedback. And we improved their next generation based on the requirements. So we were able to present the more powerful 10.3’’ Note Air2 and 13.3’’ Max Lumi2 this October.


The most significant improvement on Note Air2 is its screen and storage. With a paperlike screen, Note Air2 can offer an excellent handwriting experience. As a digital writing tablet and ebook reader, Note Air2 also provides an ample 4GB+64GB storage to meet users’ needs for storing notes and digital files.

As a versatile E Ink tablet, Note Air2 is recognized as “the Best Android Tablet for 2021”, “the Best eBook Reader for 2021” and the Editor’s Choice by PC Mag.



The Max Lumi2 meets the expectations with the latest Carta 1250 ink and large storage of 6GB+128GB. As the most powerful large-sized E Ink tablet, it runs Android 11 and features dual front lights, improved responsiveness, and an ample battery of 4300mAh.

The Long-Awaited Features

The V3.2 firmware touches up our user’s experience. And it realizes many features that our users desire.


One of the features that people love is the pinned brushes. Users can switch quickly between 5 brushes and the eraser on the top. Also, the handwriting improvement on OneNote, Evernote and WPS enables users to write on them smoothly.


Another feature that offers many conveniences is the vertical split-screen. Users can split the screen vertically and open two apps simultaneously. And the BOOXDrop even makes two-way file transfer between BOOX and PC much faster and more secure.


With all the new and exciting features, BOOX E Ink tablets can better fit your workflow and open more possibilities for study and work in the new year.

Lasting Commitments

In 2021, we made significant commitments to our users about cloud storage and firmware updates.


1. We offer 5GB Onyx cloud storage for free for all new and existing users. No matter which model you've purchased, you can get free 5GB cloud storage for each Onyx account to store your notes online and keep them safe and sound.


2. We will provide free firmware updates for all models for more than 3 years since the product launch date. So every BOOX user can get improved experiences through consistent updates.


We prioritize user experiences. And we pivot our development to our user's needs. With our strong connection and your solid support, we were able to achieve so many improvements and breakthroughs.


It’s the time for the colorful and inspiring 2022. We wish you a joyous holiday and a happy new year. And we hope we can create more excellent products and features together in the next year.


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