BOOX Firmware V3.5: A Close Look at New Features

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To provide you with powerful ePaper tools, we have been listening to your voices from all sorts of channels and continually honed our products to excellence. The firmware V3.5 brings the latest updates from the entire system down to individual features.

Smart Scribe: Intuitive Control Over Books and Notes

Smart Scribe takes center stage in this update, offering a suite of incredibly useful features. BOOX Tablets are notable for their great convenience for note-taking and reading. Smart Scribe enhanced this convenience to a new height.

With Strikethrough Erase, you can bid farewell to the hassle of toggling between pens and erasers, removing unwanted scribblings on notepads and books with a wavy line. Highlighting key information in a PDF becomes a breeze with Mark Recognition—circulate content, and it's automatically highlighted, sparing you the laborious word-by-word selection.

Circle to highlight with Smart Scribe

For exam or presentation preparation, Content Tape becomes indispensable. By blacking out keywords in essays or speech outlines, you stimulate active recall of specific information and enhance comprehension.

Smart Scribe also brings new possibilities for people who value visual appeal. Draw lines or geometric shapes and pause for one second. You'll witness your crooked strokes transform into precise forms under the magic of Shape Perfection.

System: Flexibility, Refined Visuals, and Kids Mode

There are wonderful system-wide updates catering to user feedback. First up, one of our crowd favorites, Split Screen, has more flexibility. Now, you can fine-tune window size ratios for optimal display while juggling different tasks across notes, apps, or websites.

Flexible Split Screen

For an elevated app experience, V3.5 introduces Display Enhancement and High Contrast Mode. When you turn them on, the balance between light and shadow will be adjusted, making the image sharper and clearer. For color ePaper users of Note Air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro, they'll find the haziness lets up and colors become more saturated.

The needs of parents are taken into consideration. With the Kids Mode, your BOOX tablets can be an eye-friendly digital companion for your children. You can create multiple accounts for kids, authorize the selected books and apps, and set the duration of use. Boys and girls can read picture books and watch cartoons on an ePaper screen, without the concern of eye-straining blue light.

Reading: Blank Pages, AI, and Mouse Scroll

Our NeoReader has become more powerful with a line of handy features. What's worth mentioning first is that we addressed the inconvenience of cramming notes into the margins of PDF files. V3.5 allows you to add blank pages to PDF files, offering limitless space to jot down. These added pages will be embedded in the document and exportable.

Add blank pages into PDF

What's more, NeoReader's intelligence expands with AI Read, providing book summaries, author info, and genre details, delivering a swift grasp of key points when you need to breeze through several books or reports for upcoming tests or speeches.

Furthermore, Long reports and academic papers become more manageable with Enhanced Scrolling View. Connect your BOOX device to a mouse for smoother reading, allowing continuous display of charts and illustrations. Pairing with the keyboard cover with a built-in trackpad of Tab Ultra C Pro, you can enjoy a PC-like experience at work and study.

Notes and Sketches: Refined Linking, Selecting and Color Filling

A string of new tools have been added to our Notes app. Firstly, the upgraded Link to Notes will be a good time-saver for quick access to multiple notes. Apart from allowing you to jump back and forth between different notes, it now provides a navigation history on the top menu, where you can quickly return to a specific note.

In addition, the Lasso tool gains a Free Lasso option, enabling the selection of irregular notes or drawing parts without affecting surrounding elements. You can move, cut, copy, tag, or change the color of the selected content. Combined with Fill Tool, a feature that can fill an enclosed figure with colors, you can manage your notes and drawings flexibly, creating fabulous works of your own.

Delightful notes created with Smart Scribe

Those are part of the updates brought by V3.5. This is a treasure trove waiting for your exploration. We're looking forward to seeing your creativity shine using these new features. To view detailed guidance for these tools, visit our User Guide, type the keywords, and see the step-by-step instructions.


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