Key Factors to Look for When Choosing E Ink Tablets

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E Ink tablets have gained significant popularity in recent years, offering a comfortable reading experience and a range of features tailored for book ethusiasts and digital note-takers. E Ink displays offer several advantages over traditional LCD screens, such as reduced eye strain and excellent readability even in bright sunlight. With numerous options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right E Ink tablet that suits your needs. In this article, we will delve into the key factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting an E Ink tablet.

1. Monochrome or Color ePaper Display

One of the primary factors to consider is whether you prefer a black & white or color screen. While black & white screens are commonly associated with E Ink technology, some E Ink tablets now offer color displays. Black & white screens are ideal for reading books and documents, as they enhance focus and mimic the ink on paper. On the other hand, color screens are suitable for those who require multimedia capabilities, such as viewing magazines, comics, or graphs. Consider your specific needs and preferences to determine which type of screen is best suited for you.

E Ink tablet

2. Screen Size

Another important consideration when choosing an E Ink tablet is the screen size. The size of the screen directly impacts the reading experience and portability of the device. The screen sizes can be categorized into three sizes: large (13.3'' or above), medium (typically around 10.3''), and small (pocket-friendly and for on-the-go).

Onyx BOOX E Ink tablets

The large E Ink screen provides an expansive viewing experience, ensuring clear text readability and offering ample space for writing. It's great for frequent PDF reading and coding. However, larger E Ink screens have higher manufacturing costs, resulting in limited availability on the market.

Medium screens strike a harmonious balance between price, portability, and screen size. They are versatile for reading e-books, taking notes, and browsing documents. They are the most popular choice among E Ink tablets. Professionals who frequently travel or commute will appreciate the compact size and lightweight nature of medium E Ink tablets, as they can easily slip into a bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

Smaller screens are highly portable and lightweight. If you want to carry it with you during your daily commute or while traveling, a small E Ink tablet provides convenience and portability. For example, BOOX Tab Mini C boasts a 7.8'' Kaleido 3 ePaper screen that is ideal for on-the-go inspiration and reading mangas.

BOOX Tab Mini C

Ultimately, finding the right balance between screen size and portability is based on your specific needs. Whether you need a larger screen for professional tasks, a medium-sized tablet for versatile use, or a small and portable device for on-the-go reading, there is an E Ink tablet available to suit your needs.

3. The Intended Purpose of Usage

When it comes to selecting the right E Ink tablet, the options can be overwhelming. The intended purpose of usage is also a crucial factor to take into consideration. These innovative ePaper tablets can be categorized into three main types: the eye-friendly eReader, the notebook replacement, and the productivity powerhouse.

Eye-friendly eReader

For avid book lovers seeking a distraction-free reading experience that minimizes eye strain, pocket-sized and lightweight eReaders such as the BOOX Poke 5, Page, or Palma (to strike a balance between tech and life) are ideal choices. These devices provide crisp texts and boast an open system that offers maximum flexibility, enabling you to enjoy your entire library wherever you want.

Onyx BOOX Palma

Notebook Replacement

If you're in search of a paper notebook or LCD notepad replacement that provides a more eye-friendly ePaper experience and concentration, there are E Ink tablets available with writing capabilities. The BOOX Note Air3 C, for example, offers hints of color, a pen-to-paper feel, and writing capability.

Taking notes on Onyx BOOX Note Air3 C

Productivity Powerhouse

For those looking to replace their laptops, E Ink tablets with advanced hardware, ultra-smooth performance, and powerful features are a must. The BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro (Color, 10.3'') and Tab X (B&W, 13.3'') are the ultimate laptop replacement, designed to enhance productivity and provide an exceptional user experience. If you desire a highly portable mini workstation, the Tab Mini C (7.8'') would be a better choice. With its compact size, you can effortlessly capture your thoughts on the move, and enjoy the ultra-smooth performance that the Tab Mini C offers.

Onyx BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro

4. Closed or Open System

The choice between a closed system and an open system can significantly impact the content resources available to you. A closed system typically restricts access to content that is exclusively tied to the provider, limiting the options for you. While an open system allows for greater flexibility and the ability to access content from various providers, expanding the possibilities for you.

It is a matter of personal preference and the desired level of flexibility and customization. Some prefer the intuitive experience of a closed system, while others value the customization options of an open system. If you want to access a wide range of apps to expand your reading possibilities, the BOOX devices running on the Android OS present an excellent choice.


In short, when embarking on the journey of selecting an E Ink tablet, it is imperative to consider factors such as screen type, size, the intended purpose of usage, and choosing from a closed or open system. By meticulously evaluating these factors, you can confidently identify the perfect E Ink tablet that meets your needs.

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