Tab Mini C: Your Ideal Companion for On-the-Go Inspiration and Reading Pleasure

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In our fast-paced society, having a versatile companion that caters to both work and leisure is essential. While technology offers many options, it's important to consider the potential negative impact of traditional screens on our eye health. That's where E Ink tablets come in, providing a healthier alternative that reduces eye strain and helps maintain focus.

The BOOX Tab Mini C is an exceptional E Ink tablet that seamlessly combines compatibility, portability, reading comfort, and writing capability. In this article, we'll explore its powerful features and how it empowers you to capture ideas, complete tasks, and enhance your reading pleasure while on the move.

Immerse Yourself in Reading Bliss

Tab Mini C is designed to provide you with an unparalleled reading experience. Its 7.8'' Kaleido 3 screen replicates the feel of reading from a printed newspaper with soothing and soft hues. With its anti-glare color ePaper screen, you can enjoy exceptional readability even in direct sunlight.BOOX Tab Mini C - color E Ink screen

With its pastel colors and the screen size, the Tab Mini C is a dedicated eReader for manga books, comics, graphic novels, and more. With support for 24 digital formats and ample 64GB storage, effortlessly open any document and immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of your favorite stories. Experience the pure joy of reading and indulge in a truly blissful escape.

With its metal back case and smooth, curved shape, the Tab Mini C not only looks sleek but also feels comfortable in your hand. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure grip, allowing for extended reading sessions without hand fatigue. Combined with the soothing, eye-friendly E Ink screen, and G-sensor, the Tab Mini C delivers an immersive reading experience that enhances your overall enjoyment.

BOOX Tab Mini C - Special No-Stylus Version

Stay Productive and Inspired On the Move

The Tab Mini C transcends the role of a mere dedicated eReader, transforming into a versatile mini workstation and handy sketchpad. With its stylus support and close-to-paper display, you can effortlessly jot down ideas, sketch with 16 different colors, or annotate digital materials.

BOOX Tab Mini C - book annotation on E Ink tablet

Experience a smooth and responsive experience with the state-of-the-art BOOX Super Refresh Technology, reducing latency and ensuring seamless performance. Customize your experience with the four refresh modes based on your usage needs. Whether you're browsing the web, writing, or sketching, you can do so effortlessly and without any lag. 

Drawing on E Ink tablet

Designed with portability in mind, the Tab Mini C is perfect for professionals who need to stay productive during business trips. It is also a great choice for creators who want to capture ideas and inspiration on the go. With its writing capability and the flexibility of the Android OS, the Tab Mini C empowers you to maintain productivity and unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere.


In a nutshell, the BOOX Tab Mini C is an exceptional device that seamlessly combines the features of a dedicated eReader and a versatile mini workstation. Its soothing color ePaper screen, writing capability, ergonomic design, and versatility cater to your various needs on different occasions.

Experience maximun joy in a compact body. This meticulously crafted device is designed to provide you with the perfect balance of features, enabling you to capture ideas and enjoy reading pleasure wherever you go. Whether you’re an avid reader seeking comfortable and immersive reading, or a professional or creator in need of a portable workstation, Tab Mini C has you covered.

You can now purchase the Special No-Stylus Version with an extra $50 off in our official BOOX Shop.

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