Introducing Tab Mini C: Compact 7.8" Color ePaper Tablet PC That Packs Power and Fun

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With the highly acclaimed Tab Ultra and Tab Ultra C having garnered immense popularity since their release to the public, now we are delighted to introduce Tab Mini C, our most compact color ePaper tablet PC equipped with the state-of-the-art Kaleido 3 technology. Here you will discover the various features and capabilities of this new addition to our product lineup.

Kaleido 3 with Exclusive Smoothness

The Kaleido 3 color E Ink screen technology of the Tab Mini C boasts a sharp resolution of 300 PPI for black and white images, and 150 PPI for displaying a wide range of 4,096 colors. It integrates the signature smooth performance powered by BOOX Super Refresh Technology, thanks to an advanced octa-core CPU and an exclusive GPU. As a result, it provides four distinct refresh modes that are specifically optimized for different tasks, including reading, note-taking, and using apps on the color ePaper screen.

BOOX Tab Mini C Kaleido 3

Ergonomic Industrial Design

The Tab Mini C features a sleek metal back case that boasts a subtle color and a curved, smooth shape. This design not only enhances its aesthetics but also provides an ergonomic grip, allowing for prolonged reading sessions without causing fatigue in your hands. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight construction, the Tab Mini C can be conveniently carried anywhere you go. Whether you're on a bus, metro, plane, or embarking on an adventure, you can enjoy reading and drawing on the go with ease.

BOOX Tab Mini C Ergonomic Industrial Design

Most Refined User Experience

The Tab Mini C offers an impressive performance on par with traditional tablets when it comes to using third-party apps, thanks to its 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM internal storage. Designed to enhance the enjoyment of reading colorful novels, manga, web pages, and other content, it is equipped with a large 5,000mAh battery, dual-tone front lights, a G-sensor, and support for various book formats.

BOOX Tab Mini C convenient sketch pad

Beyond being a color eReader, the Tab Mini C serves as a convenient sketch pad for capturing your ideas, imagination, and life's serendipitous discoveries. With 16 different colors at your disposal, you can paint beautiful moments, organize your thoughts, and upload them to the cloud. Additionally, the built-in Calendar Memo app allows you to write to-do lists, reminders, and schedules that can be checked at any time without the need to wake up the device.

BOOX Tab Mini C to-do lists reminders schedules

With its latest firmware and Android 11 OS, the Tab Mini C seamlessly works with a wide range of apps. Whether it's Webtoon, Google Play Books, or any other app of your choice, you can easily install and open them on the device's vibrant and soothing screen.

BOOX Tab Mini C Android 11 OS

The Tab Mini C is available now in the official BOOX Shop at $449.99 / €499.99, with the Pen Plus stylus included in the standard package. You can also enjoy an exclusive bundle with a free magnetic cover only in the official BOOX Shop.

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